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Story Theming · 4:16am October 31st

So here's a funny question I don't think I've ever asked before for a story.

What is the theme of this story?

[Adult story embed hidden]

What is/are the central theme(s) present? What is this story about?

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Hi there, sorry for the disappointment. Me and the story commissioner didn't see eye to eye, so I scrapped it, refunded them, and wished them a good day.

So, something bizarre is happening. “Nightmare Rising” is appearing in my feed yet when I click on it it asks for a password. You also haven’t made a announcement about it and I don’t see it when I look on your stories page, so it some glitch or something? I am very confused

it's me the guy that had his B day on friday and thought that you were going to give me all ponyfinder books to me..
( when i get the money I get them all):pinkiehappy:
I will be AFK till 7:45 check in with you then!

You are quite welcome, which book was it?

my bad thanks for the book

  • Viewing 371 - 375 of 375
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