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David Silver

Crazy stallion that made Ponyfinder, because Ponies make everything better, D&D included.


Being Interviewed · 3:07am June 13th

I will be grilled with awkward questions. You can add your own here: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/212308/the-barcast/thread/322756/david-silver-interview-61917-friday

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Always nice to run into a fellow pantser. To adventure!


And off of one of the questions they asked, I'm the same type of writer as you at least:derpytongue2: I just write with a vague end goal in mind and fill in the blanks; leaving room for ADVENTURE!!!

Glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun interview.

I just finished listening to your BarCast podcast and I must say it was definitely an enjoyable listen while doing the dishes:yay:

I'm supporting the site!

  • Viewing 280 - 284 of 284
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