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April updates! · 10:53am April 5th

Slowing down one to weekly instead of twice a week (What a speedy rush that was). There is room available for your stuff or reviving existing stories. Even $5 patrons get a vote towards what gets an extra update and if we have enough, more updates! Get on over here to make that happen, or just support me, I would be happy with that too! It is thanks to your support that I can keep doing this. :heart:

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That is true, but a Barbarian with tavern brawler can probably manage it.

That's harder to manage, requiring grappling shenanigans.

To be fair that is the default. It's the feat for stone and steel that break things heavily. But damage for both and fatigue from steel keep that in check. Pretty powerful either way, but given it's the only thing they really get as a race other than the darkvision i think it's kinda fair. The lack of tremor sense is the kicker here i feel, since once you go under you're using potentially outdated info or going in completely blind. Risk vs reward for scouting/offense, but the true power of a borrowing speed i think is the ability to escape from an enemy's threat range without taking an AoO. Though being able to bury somebody alive is pretty funny. or at least put them at the bottom of a 10 feet hole.

Imposing that they dig through dirt and such is a quick way to make dungeons not dissolve.

Yes, While not as flashy as other races and a lot of their racial quirks put behind feats (something i feel in 5e a bit keenly), I love hyenas and the diamond dogs in mlp were cool. The burrowing speed has been met with some wariness on my DM's part and given how seldom you'd see counters to it i can understand why. I've been working on ways to make him more comfortable with it, but we have different ideas on how to do that. It is fun regardless.

  • Viewing 406 - 410 of 410
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