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David Silver

Crazy stallion that made Ponyfinder, because Ponies make everything better, D&D included.


Your Thoughts · 1:56am October 22nd

Just finished a story and got rough feedback on the ending, so I added another chapter. Did you read it? Feedback appreciated.

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It wasn't a requested/patron story as most of them are, and my interest waned gently into the night.

Just tried to re-read Twilight Dies in Lothric and noticed that it is gone/passworded and a quick ctrl+f through the last few pages of blog posts have failed to shed any light on whats going on, is this a temporary thing or have you decided to remove it permanently for some reason? (please say it isn't so! :fluttercry:)

We joined ur Discord as: kmanarild

  • Viewing 297 - 301 of 301
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