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David Silver

Crazy stallion that made Ponyfinder, because Ponies make everything better, D&D included.


New Review Group · 4:34am July 23rd

So, trying my hoof at this. Head on over to here: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/212612/hidden-gems

You can submit your unrated(less than 10 ratings) and/or -500 view stories for me to peer at. Want to help out, give a wave and we can join forces in trying to get some interesting stories that have been sadly neglected by the site.

Do share the group around. It will work better with more people in it, even just reading the reviews and maybe checking out the stories we really like.

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Latest Stories

  • E Roll for Initiative
    The girls are out of town, again. Spike and Big Mac are left behind. All the farm chores are handled, but there's little to do. Spike has an idea that he's willing to try, if Big Mac is up for it.
    David Silver · 11k words  ·  34  2 · 337 views
  • E CYOA: Lost Pony
    You are on the way to work/school/etc when you see a pony. What do you do? This is a choose your own adventure of the true variety, with all the choices laid out and waiting for you to finish.
    David Silver · 4.1k words  ·  36  3 · 588 views
  • E Pinkie Comes to Town
    Rocked with the dazzling wonder of the rainboom, filly Pinkie's whole worldview is tossed upside down. She's made her family smile a little, but she feels there's more to be done. She has to go, just has to.
    David Silver · 1.4k words  ·  21  0 · 180 views
  • E Motherhood
    Celestia did not wake that morning thinking her life would change that day, but it would. She would be united with a creature as timeless as herself, one who looked to her as a peer instead of a subject.
    David Silver · 1.3k words  ·  63  4 · 588 views
  • E Sunlit Morning
    Celestia sits down for morning tea. That much is regular and calming and a good way to greet the day. She looks across at her darker self, Daybreak. It would perhaps not be as calming as she had hoped.
    David Silver · 1.1k words  ·  74  2 · 919 views
  • E To Start the Evening
    It was just one slurp that started it. That heavenly taste, that powerful punch to the gut! She was lost before she even knew what happened, carried away on waves of caffeine and power.
    David Silver · 1.6k words  ·  72  2 · 397 views
  • T Fading Suns: A New World
    A new jumpgate is discovered, or rather a very old and decayed one that had been brought back online. House Hawkwood sends a bold explorer through to discover what riches await on the other end. He did not expect equines to be the result.
    David Silver · 40k words  ·  70  2 · 816 views
  • E Twilight's First Day
    She did it! She's not only gotten into school, but Celestia has taken her under wing, quite literally at times. It's her first day of direct tutelage and Twilight is beside herself with anticipation.
    David Silver · 2.1k words  ·  167  4 · 1.3k views
  • E The Sun Comes
    Celestia swells with life. It's a miracle, one every mother experiences at least once. It is a time for growth, physical and otherwise. It's also a time for cravings. Celestia wants a cake. They mean to prevent her from reaching it. Good luck.
    David Silver · 2k words  ·  73  4 · 942 views
  • E Pink Party Princess
    One does not trifle with such powerful magics without consequence. Pinkie Pie did just this, and emerged from it stronger and wiser. What if she was made truly stronger? What if the experience changed her more deeply than a simple happy ending?
    David Silver · 2k words  ·  81  3 · 733 views

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*throws pig at your face*

Why does every story you write end up on the front page?

Always nice to run into a fellow pantser. To adventure!


And off of one of the questions they asked, I'm the same type of writer as you at least:derpytongue2: I just write with a vague end goal in mind and fill in the blanks; leaving room for ADVENTURE!!!

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