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Want to know where my stories are? · 1:29am Jul 30th, 2014

Well, I post all my stuff here.

And I'm a girl, peoples!

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Cool. I hadn't realized that.

Girl, yes.

~A Follower


~A Follower

You're the same guy?! (Or girl)

Pfff, you weren't even here when this account was around!

~A Follower

Late response. My bad. I don't check here often.

I was banned on this account for about a year for being an idiot and bending loads of rules with alt accounts. That coupled with a few accidental offenses led to all of my strikes being used up and I got the banhammer.

~A Follower

It's complicated. Lots of little reasons.

About a year later though, she appealed the ban, and now she's back. (Sleepy Panda)

2187221 If you don't mind answering why was her main account banned? And does she have a third account or no?

2305398 Thank you, yes it seems so :twilightsmile:

Ha, that's actually pretty cool. You've gone a long way since then.

~A Follower

I no have follow:applecry:

That being said, I see you like Sweetie Belle.


All shall die of the cute.

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