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My goal is to follow everyone on FimFiction!


Want to know where my stories are? · 1:29am Jul 30th, 2014

Well, I post all my stuff here.

And I'm a girl, peoples!

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I also follow everyone on fimfiction unfortunately I’m not able to follow you right now as it won’t let me same thing happen to me on Wednesday.

if it is your goal to follow everyone, you shall also be followed by everyone.
-GM, master of EVERY.

Oh, it's really you. Although it's not this account, you still technically followed me. A deal's a deal.

Still, I didn't say how I would send it to you. Thanks for the follow.:scootangel:

Followed, can I get that chicken now? :ajsmug:

~A Follower

Get your flank back on FiMFiction and follow me right this second! If you follow me within the next 50 years, I'll send you a box of chicken tenders as a token of gratitude.

Well then I'm the most non-observant person considering I haven't seen that for the 3 years I've been here.

  • Viewing 1,467 - 1,476 of 1,476
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