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My goal is to follow everyone on FimFiction!

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Want to know where my stories are? · 1:29am Jul 30th, 2014

Well, I post all my stuff here.

And I'm a girl, peoples!

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When you're completely bored so you count how many people they followed before getting banned

Let's see. Take that amount counted and multiply it by th- Wait! I forgot to check the last page just in case the number is smaller.

It is, so we take that and multiply it by that and subtract one...

We get 5,951 people followed.



Cool. I hadn't realized that.

Girl, yes.

~A Follower


~A Follower

You're the same guy?! (Or girl)

Pfff, you weren't even here when this account was around!

~A Follower

Late response. My bad. I don't check here often.

I was banned on this account for about a year for being an idiot and bending loads of rules with alt accounts. That coupled with a few accidental offenses led to all of my strikes being used up and I got the banhammer.

~A Follower

It's complicated. Lots of little reasons.

About a year later though, she appealed the ban, and now she's back. (Sleepy Panda)

2187221 If you don't mind answering why was her main account banned? And does she have a third account or no?

2305398 Thank you, yes it seems so :twilightsmile:

Ha, that's actually pretty cool. You've gone a long way since then.

~A Follower

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