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This is my contribution to all the witty and unique descriptions that everyone aside from me seemingly has on this damned site. You're welcome.

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  • A Wooden Heart Alone, a young timberwolf must try to survive in the wilderness. Survival above all else. by Trials 8,399 words · 7,215 views · 962 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Role Reversal Sometimes, we all need company. Big Mac found his in the form of a doll — a filly's mere toy. She provided companionship as an inanimate object, but now, it's not enough. by Trials 27,083 words · 7,797 views · 1,025 likes · 19 dislikes
  • Together In The End "We have to be brave now, Scootaloo," Dash said. "Just close your eyes, and it'll be all over by the time you open them again." by Trials 4,188 words · 13,418 views · 1,256 likes · 44 dislikes
  • Royal Hijinks After falling prey to a prankster, Luna gets revenge the only way she knows how. Murder. by Trials 3,095 words · 5,390 views · 279 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Population: One It's been eighty-nine days since the Day of Darkness, and Twilight Sparkle is still on her own. Eighty-nine days since she talked to anyone other than herself. by Trials 23,731 words · 6,199 views · 517 likes · 17 dislikes

From the Horse's Mouth

'You've gone from full autism to barely detectable levels of self-diagnosed Asperger's - a Christmas miracle!'
— Amit

'some Luna Fanatic'
— Draconian Soul

— Pearple Prose

'trial you fucking fag.'
— the parasprite

'you cocktwiddling, rimjobbing, assmuching twatwaffle motherfucker.'
— Tux Tux McStockholm


Look · 6:15pm Oct 19th, 2014

Look at this.

It's glorious.

Visit this fucker. http://mewball.tumblr.com/


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'Insert words of parting here'

baby come back

Alas, you seem to be gone forever. Rest in Peaches, Trials. :pinkiesad2:

1324239 Still in Austria, bae. Coming back late tomorrow. Thanks for writing that story, also... Based on my favourite book of all time.


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