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This is my contribution to all the witty and unique descriptions that everyone aside from me seemingly has on this damned site. You're welcome.


"We have to be brave now, Scootaloo," Dash said. "Just close your eyes, and it'll be all over by the time you open them again."

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Cover image by the awesome KnifeH. Go check out his other works, too.

Got to have a little sadness once in a while, so you know when the good times come.
Bob Ross is best pony.

Them feels. I cried from reading the description.

Oh god.

"Under Pressure" came on halfway through the story, and you know what? Fit beautifully.

All in all, I cried buckets, drank the buckets, then cried some more. This is going in my hall of fame.

Yow. Very powerful stuff.

Usually this sort of thing would make me cry - I love sad stories and music just as much as anyone - yet instead I felt resolute, as if also steeled against an insurmountable doom.

I think I might understand Dash's feelings, a little bit. Loyal and thoughtful to the last.

Excellent work, Trials - have a thumb and a pretty gold star for this interesting bleakness you've concocted. Bravo & encore!

i cried. thank you for such an emotional story.

:trollestia::I have the power to move stars, but I think I'll pass on this one.

Ya, I know I'm being an arse, but that does make a good point don't it?
Not that i'm hatin' this story its just that i'm a logic Nazi.
Also a planet sized meteor would alter gravity.
Another thing is that this story is amazing, in a sad/dark sort of way.

Wow dude... Excellent work. I know everyone else has already said this, but... Dude. Good job.

I wanted to cry... but I could also smile at the end somehow. Beautifully done. :pinkiesad2:

Dude congrats on an amazing story, the only other stories to ever make me cry were "Catch you" and "My Little Dashie"....and this one seriously jerked the tears out of me, this was a great story.

Oh, if only this occurred in my universe... they really would be together after the end.

Makes you wish that, after death, you just kind of wander as a ghost for eternity. Hang out with your friends, watch how life progresses in the universe... blissful and without responsibility.

It hurts when you realize all you are is a unique electrical pattern in the brain, doesn't it?

This story is like whats gonna happen in 2012 if that ever happens which i doubt not but if it does im gonna picture one last image of my best year of my life.....This story made me want to cry.....sadly i already cried about something else....yea but really great story:pinkiesad2:

1564760 Thanks for sharing. :twilightsmile: It's funny how a group of words can do that, but I know that feeling all too well.

1564825 Well, thank you! I'm glad you liked it, despite the feels. :scootangel:

1564943 I can tell you that you have an excellent taste in music. Quite strange, actually — that was one of the songs I was listening to when I was writing the story. I'm honoured, by the way, and thanks for commenting!

1564949 Dude, that was exactly what I wanted to make Dash look like. She always seems like such a tough, independent character, so it would only make sense if that reflected on her final moments. For some reason, when others felt miserable, I feel that Dash would be the one to comfort everyone. Thank you very much, though. :twilightsmile:

1565112 No problem! If anything, I should be the one thanking you for reading. So, thank you! :twilightsheepish:

1565113 Well, considering we're debating about a story with magical, talking ponies, I don't think logic is here with us. Either way, cheers for saying so. :twilightsmile:

1565114 It means all the difference to me, I assure you. :ajsmug: Cheers!

1565137 Thank you — even if I'm a suck-up for happy endings... :twilightangry2:

1565267 Much thanks! You're lucky, though — I still have to find a story that genuinely makes me cry. 'My Little Dashie' was very close, however...

1565484 Well, think about what you've done as that little electrical pattern. I mean, if you're technically only a little spark, then you've come pretty damn far as that. Friends, loved ones, good times — it's impressive, really... Shoot, I'm thinking about this too much. :facehoof: Thanks for commenting!

1565843 I'm hoping 2012 doesn't actually happen. :trixieshiftright: Thanks for saying so, and I'm sorry to hear that. Crying is sometimes just the best medicine, though.


And replicating that electrical pattern isn't far off, actually. To think, the fact that our brains really are just a bunch of electrical signals could, one day, open the way to true immortality for a person.

Even if it is just a clone, someone really could live for eons.

And don't worry about thinking about things too much, it actually helps, keeps you sharp.

1567728 I'm like psychic or something!


Perfect! Well you illustrated it very precisely by my estimate, so I'm glad I got the gist! I'm more of a "dude-ette" so yannow. No worries! I look forward to more of your writing soon!



1568121 We are the watcher... :pinkiecrazy:


Well it's quite apparent that you're an avid reader. Your taste is refined and discerning, and your tend towards humorous anecdote is very much appreciated and often delightfully refreshing!

I just love a good discern! Well met sir!

:pinkiehappy: - CREEPY LIKE ME! WOO!

1568329 I've honestly nothing better to do. I COULD be writing my own stuff, but meh. I never hit the featured box. I, of course, blame Dinkleberg.

too many feels *starts crying*

Pff, this wasent even "sniff" sa-d a-at all. "sob" :raritydespair:
I aint fooling noone, well writtin good sir, well writtin indeed...

*insert heart attack pic*

Oh sweet Celestia, this will almost certainly make me cry...



You know it's either extremely good or extremely bad when I pull out a Luna image macro. This is the first time I've done so, because I just thought of it(Buck logic), and this rates on the latter rather than the former. Good job.

I cried so hard that I started to cry my brony essence. That's saying something.:raritycry::raritydespair::fluttercry::raritycry::fluttercry::fluttercry::raritydespair::raritycry:


Crying comments make me want to explode... Jk.



So sad:applecry: Loyal to the end that Rainbow Dash :rainbowkiss:

Wut? Sooooo, the Princesses just mysteriously vanish... no explanation. Just gone. Elements of Harmony can't do a thing? Heck, even releasing Discord and hoping he'll feel like stopping it is a better option.

I couldn't feel a thing. The set up wasn't well explained and the tension only manufactured by taking the Princesses inexplicably out of the picture and ignoring all other options.

Plus, a planet-sized meteoroid? That would be properly termed 'rogue planet'. Not a meteoroid at all. 1 point off for amateurish misuse of astronomical terminology. You also failed to take into account the gravitational effects of a planet-sized body hurtling toward another, thus the setting was woefully incomplete.

There was no tension built up through the cataclysmic tidal effects, nothing about societal decay or anarchy resulting from the impending destruction and the Princesses' disappearance.

This scenario was far better put to use in the old classic "When Worlds Collide". That book and film should be the model all such plots must follow to some extent because it was perfectly thought out.

Inb4featured. :pinkiehappy:
I've always wanted to say that!

Da feeeeeeels, man, da feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels!

That's it? One short chapter about a meteor careening towards equestria, and dash trying to comfort scootsloo in her final hours? :fluttercry:

1550626 That made me choke so much at the end. It didn't make me cry like My Little Dashie, but still. I really loved it. Instant favorite. :yay::heart::yay::heart:

That really hit me hard in the feels! It was so well written, I thought I was inside the story itself.
When the meteor hit, and I read the line "Then, Dash saw nor thought no more" I must've stared at the screen blankly for a minute. It was just so surprising how in reality, life can end, just like that.

This has to be one of the most beautiful and sad ficts i have ever read. Well done ^^ :scootangel:

1564943 For me smile smile smile came on half way through.






Glad to see this hit Featured.

Well done, this is a great story.
I'm just going to go stare at my hands for a while in silence.

This didn't do anything for me and I am a big crybaby wuss for Scootalove. It just felt kinda mechanical, like the actions were more important than the characters feelings. I think this would have been benefited by focusing more on Scoots. The tragedy isn't that they die, its the child involved and her lack of understanding and false hope that Rainbow Dash can make it better.

The cuts to the Mane 6 were not that great, and replacing them with the throw away lines about what everypony's doing would stop them from interrupting the main story and allow you to focus more on Dash and Scoots.

i read it and...


I don't know if i should hate you or love you for making me cry as much as when i watched hachiko either way thumbs up:fluttercry:

Good job. It's nice to see more meaningful works getting featured instead of more random crossovers and...*shudders* ...Shipping :pinkiesick:

An excellent piece. Congrats :scootangel:

Right in the feels :fluttercry: excellent story however :pinkiehappy:

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