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Huge List of Ebay Pony stuff, and MORE to come! · 9:48pm January 15th

Some of the Pony items I have up. I accept offers on all of them, and if you want to negotiate here, I can alter the listing or even make separate listings with items all bundled together especially for individual buyers. I'll have even more stuff in time... but honestly, I have a FULLY PACKED ENTIRE ROOM OF ITEMS of everything on the planet jumbled together from my own collection, my parents' things that we're going through, and TWO grandparents' houses. Close to a THOUSAND things in total

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Thank you for liking my story ^^

3077281 This is... not inaccurate... less blood than usual, though. :pinkiecrazy:

And today on Wild Kingdom...

We are given a true treat today. For the first we are given a glimpse of the Friendship Ritual of the tribes of New Jersey



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