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Video from Lujan Zoo visit... petting and feeding lions! · 1:44am Sunday

So, finally got around to posting two of the vids I got while there. The person I stayed with held the camera. It's simply pure joy for me to be near lions, and since I feel not even the slightest trace of fear, the sociable ones tend to be very relaxed around me (some aggressive lions in other zoos found me puzzling and weren't quite sure what to do as I didn't respond like other people to their snarls.)

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Well, at least we can enjoy the pc olympics while nature does her thing, the contrary and vindictive bitch


2555369 Stockholm Syndrome, I'd wager. Or maybe masochism. :rainbowlaugh:

then why are people so in love with it?

2555334 Nature is evil. Mother Nature is the worst parent EVER! :rainbowlaugh:

Also, if you swim in warm fresh water, you can get all sorts of OTHER horrible diseases! Like the brain-eating amoeba! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naegleria_fowleri

Isn't nature wonderful? :yay:

Well... shoot. Just think, I merely needed the knowledge that its filled with high impact porking dolphins to keep me away. But now, I no longer need to be a bigot, I can just say I can get the MRSA.

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