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Former research biologist who now spends his time dissecting electronics and rolling around in poison ivy.


The last research paper I worked on has published at last. · 11:07pm February 14th

The process is REALLY slow. I finished all my work on this 3 years ago.


This one uses a lot of my histology and in-situ hybridization with RNAscope results.

But no more science for me. Now I build houses and driveways... and rip them apart too! It's a sort of yin-yang thing I've got going here.

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3389338 I have had revenge on many squirrels this year. >:}

Well at least you've managed to avoid the terrors of Mega City 1

Glad you're alright, man. The eclipse was great.
What the heck, I'll give you a follow.

3386267 Yeah, I'm fine. I was on my way out to view the eclipse at the time, was way out of its range. And it hit nearly 80 miles from my part of Jersey. No one felt a thing down here, from what I understand.

3386266 They may not wish to admit it, but ALL of those in power around the world know me. And fear me. Which is why they do not like to even speak my name. :trixieshiftright:

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