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Our oldest cat has died. · 1:56am January 9th

Our old black cat Lucky had to be put down today. What we'd thought, and hoped, was only a tooth infection when we had him checked by the vet last week turned out to be squamous carcinoma and it was growing rapidly, as his weight plunged, dropping over a pound in a single week.

He couldn't eat without analgesics and even drinking was becoming painful. He was growing weaker by the day, and had begun to stumble when he walked. But he was always friendly and gentle, even in his pain.

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this is perhaps the best trolling I've seen

2695754 That's why I learned to combine my genius with the utmost in trolling proficiency.

I had so much fun today, for instance, when (as I suspected from the start) the Buzzfeed claim was debunked. But it was trashed SO COMPLETELY that even I was astounded at the sheer speed and thoroughness of the devastation.

Watching the ultra-left trying desperately to cling to their fantasies even as their fairytale castle dreams of instant impeachment burned to the ground was... malicious delight.

2675126 Eastern Europe is rejecting the globalist agenda for one reason: it hasn't been that long since they escaped the iron fist of communism. They recognize what's going on very clearly.

  • Viewing 585 - 589 of 589
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