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The comic's explanation of G5.... · 2:31am March 13th

... manages to make Discord even more of a villain than the Season 9 finale, utterly makes Twilight WORST PRINCESS OF ALL TIME, and completely breaks all world-building. The ponies become racist AGAIN, this time from just some random rude unicorn who basically bumps into somebody. It was stupid when it happened with Chrysalis, but THIS time it's even STUPIDER!!

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3241802 Oh that's my tiny animation company. It's not strictly a furry thing at all. It's all on hold, as I'm taking care of my parents. There's simply no time for the highly-involved task of getting an animation project going.

And there's WWIII looming on the horizon too... :unsuresweetie:

I don't think she'll make it till then given her health issues I'm sad to say.

You still doing that furry bike thing, or are you done with that fandom?

3236836 Heh heh heh, that 'unicorn' wouldn't last 20 seconds in a real fight. It's going to be... amusing... in 2032.

I actually got this from our very own author of The Conversion Bureau who would like to remind us all that she is right, humans suck, and she is a unicorn.

... Why didn't ponies give us options like gryphons or particularly irate forms of sapient cabbage? Also I'd pay to see you two in a debate

  • Viewing 784 - 788 of 788
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