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Someone deleted my blog post... · 3:43am October 23rd

Apparently, because someone couldn't believe blocking and insulting me didn't work on my will of steel (while their own eggshell egos smashed into ruin against mine), they've resorted to the same sort of shadow-deletion as Fakebook and Twatter.

A cowardly move if ever I saw one.

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It makes one cry

2663872 There are quite a few fics I have gushed with praise over that have barely a few hundred likes (though the like-dislike ratio is sometimes 50:1 or higher, meaning the small audience at least appreciates what they're reading), while god-awful wish-fulfillment Vampire Vinyl crap or angsty OP Nightmare Moon garbage has thousands... even when NMM is brutally slaughtering all who oppose her.

Tis a sign of the mental vapors, me thinks. :trollestia:

Alondro #565 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

2663385 It's typical fanon. The schlockiest schlock gets all the attention; while the stuff of masterpieces is regarded as TLDR, or is simply beyond the level of reading comprehension possessed by the addlepated fan legions.


Its sad that my crossover fic as more likes than my 'original' fics.... :raritydespair: 'And I'm not even trying to TOLL!!!"

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