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Hee hee, I am so drubj right now · 11:09pm Last Wednesday

So at lat I ahve foud my alcohol limiot. Is abddout 1.5 liters of 40proof. Facsinating. I ffknow I'm writging terribly, bit IO dun care because this ia an experiment emd its croitiocal to have dopcumentation of the reesults for later analysist. G'night all!

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2489103 It takes hard physical evidence that cannot be hidden to truly finish off a corrupt politician. And even then, Democrats have a way of coming back several times unless they're simply SO stupid and impulsive they keep making the same mistake: Anthony Wiener, as a prime example.

Oh I know. I figured that mere prosecution was a pipe dream, and any time in the clink, please, I ascribe to the belief in the universe being created then one day the nothing of entropy getting of its parents couch and getting a job, and even I knew that was not even in the realm of dreams.

That said, I think the clintons are pretty much done politically

2487166 The Clintons have never had to answer for their crimes... no matter how many mysterious deaths take place around them.

Al Capone would be soooooo jealous.

aaand.... apparently hillary wont be prosecuted for her email debacle.

Well... shit

2480643 If you'd ever watched "The Apprentice" or followed him over the years as I have (being in New Jersey, I would see a lot of him), none of his behavior is the least surprising. That's just him. My grandfather's personality was virtually identical. He just wasn't filthy rich... unfortunately for me.

We can wish he'd tone it down... but I don't honestly see that happening. My grandfather didn't mellow much until he was 85! And like Trump, he'd say dumb things now and then that would have had the media going berserk if he'd been in public office, but there was no trace of racism in him. In fact, my grandfather was so ANTI-racist, that when he was down in Georgia in the late 30's to play football, he was furious that a black person who'd been a hired hand for the team wasn't allowed in the same hotel and nearly caused a riot all by himself! And when he got into the military and became a captain (and later a lieutenant-colonel) he didn't tolerate any such nonsense.

So, that's Trump: pretty much the same as my crusty, loud, crude, but very honest and fair grandfather who hated BS of any sort... and said so in so many words.

  • Viewing 382 - 386 of 386
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