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Trying to help spread this around. My friends Thunder Rider, Midnight Master, and I designed a little pony-based party game.

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LIGHT-FILLED God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

Oops forgot to add words, well hiya. Also new group is up.

Comment posted by ShatteredCrown deleted Feb 19th, 2016

2102289 Good, man. Just been busy with life, no time for FiMFic, ya know?

I went to see if you uploaded more Remnants, and saw Soul's Savior. I decided to check it out, and I really liked! Nice work, as always.

Thanks for adding The Soul's Savior to a bookshelf, man! How have you been?

Thanks for faving The Funny Little Guy!

2094787 No need to thank me. You made a great story, and I'm showing my gratitude to you for making a great story.

Thanks for adding Blank to your favorites! :rainbowkiss:

1856421 I'm glad you love them, and I'm happy to say that I write at least 500 words a day so that my stories never fall behind.

1856161 No, thank you for making great stories.

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