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Do I really need one?


I Need Reading Suggestions · 6:59pm Oct 21st, 2015

Exactly what the title says.

Preferably something that is complete (or actually being updated,) and a decent length.

Don't really care what it is about.

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^Drawing of me.^

Well Hello!

How to start? Hm...

I am 20 years of age.
I am a Whovian.
I am Canadian.
I enjoy reading, LEGO, anything to do with computers, and cycling.

I would like to give a big thanks to Sonic Mario3(formally Speed Jumper). He is my first friend on this site. Something that I am really happy with. He is a great person, and we have done quite a few things to help each other.

I also am an editor/proof-reader so if you need one, feel free to ask and send me a PM. I work through gDocs and Google Drive so it would be a good idea to have a basic understanding of it before asking me.
(Number of words that have come under my view as a proof-reader: 141792)

Other than that, I am open to conversation with anyone, and if anyone needs help with something, I can try to help.
Also if you decide to follow me, I request that you tell me why. I like to know which things I have done, that people like.
As for a reason to follow me, I do a blog post for everything I edit/proof-read. You can follow me if you want some stories to read.

Stuff I Have Worked on

I have writen several chapters for the story Return of the Master by Sonic Mario3. This story is currently a collaboration with Sonic.

I am Sonic Mario3's head editor, and have worked on (in no particular order,) A Life With Ponies, Ultimate Spider-Colt, The Secret Life of Rarity: Darkness in the Shadows and Regeneration.

Sonic and I have decided to do a riff of his own story, The Weeping Gardens. Link for the first part is here.

I am the editor of chapter 5 forward for the story Daring Do and The Knights of Time and Space, by spectacles_ak.

I am the proof-reader/editor for Lindsays Guide to Ponysitting by PrincessAJ.

I proof-read chapter 3 of Cloudburst by Xaigatomon.

I proof-read Revenge of the Blank Flanks by draygan.
I do not approve nor agree with the contents of this story. Read at your own risk. If you want to know more about this story without going to the story page, click here for more information about it.

I proof-read Shining Armor's One Shot Toy by draygan. (It is not nearly as bad as the story above.)

I proof-read Scootaloo's Exploration of a Dog's Anatomy by draygan.

I am re-editing the story Twilight Falls, Sunset Dawns by Drake Clawfang.

(Yes, I know that some of these stories may have been taken down. I have no control over that.)

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1066300 was just trying to be nice good Day to you.

Guess that's that.

It is up to you whether or not you follow me, but I have not know of you before this point in time and will not follow unless you have something that really impresses me. If you do choose to follow me, I would like to ask why.

Hi there random friend would you like a follow for a follow?


Hmm, cool.

If you need help with anything, feel free to ask.

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