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Red Team had been given an assignment. It wasn't the usual sort of assignment. They were assigned to defend their base 'until further notice'...and then never received notice. All announcements sounded pre-recorded, and enemy assaults were few and far between. The enforced inactivity was slowly fraying the bonds of the team...

...until something unexpected arrived. A tiny creature appears one day in their fortress, in need of compassion and care. Somehow, she finds that in this group of strange individuals, as she becomes their baby.

Crossover with Team Fortress 2.
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Since I get these comments a lot, I will say here, I've never played the game and don't intend to include much in the way of game mechanics, so please don't suggest such things.

Edit 2: FAN ART! for chapter 9 by G_Haze. Makes me so happy.
Edit 3: More fan art from G_Haze, This guy's amazing!
Edit 4: New fan art! by The Pyromanecer. Thanks so much!
Edit 5: More fan art by shiningkord98.
Edit 6: New Fan Art by The Pyromancer
Edit 6: More awesome fan art from G_Haze! So awesome! :rainbowkiss:
Edit 7: New fan art by Pioneering Author

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Oh this is good.

She looked up at him, her eyes big and pleading, one small hoof going to her tummy as it gurgled a little. Her ears were flat against her skull, her wings hung limp against her barrel, and her lip quivered.

This part had me cracking a laugh. I'm happy that you are writing this. With me, it would have been more crazy as I can't do descriptions.
Where did you come across the Russian lullaby?

I google searched "Russian lullaby". Saw the name of the song, and decided it fit perfectly.

Glad you like.

Any reason why you picked the RED instead of the Builder's League United? They sound more lovable then the Demolitions.
Note that ingame they're practically the same.

Nice! I'd comment further, but I haven't played TF2 yet :twilightblush:

Because the image that inspired this story was Fluttershy being cuddled by the Red Medic. Besides, the idea of Fluttershy being part of the team named for blowing stuff up was too good to pass up.
I haven't either, but hope you continue to enjoy.

Because the image that inspired this story was Fluttershy being cuddled by the Red Medic.  Besides, the idea of Fluttershy being part of the team named for blowing stuff up was too good to pass up

:pinkiegasp: you mean that gif I sent to you via Skype?!

Can you post it here again, pretty please?

And asides from missing out on quotes and some memes, all you need to know about TF2 mercenaries is that they are eccentric.

Oh, thanks!
I would, but I don't have a link for it :twilightblush:
if you have Skype I'd happily send it to ya :twilightsmile:

Yes, that image. If you can find the URL, I want to use it as cover art.

No, it's an image of Medic holding her. Not Heavy.

No, it was 3D rendered. Those are awfully cute though! Made me 'hnnng'

I always liked this Medic / Pinkie video.

Oh gods...that was insane but perfectly done!

Oh geeze...I hate those "literal version" videos. It takes away from what made the song and visuals work so well together.

This is crazy mix-up.

Sasha likes it.

I like it.

Majority likes it.

Looking forward to next chapter. :yay:

I had cuteness overload with picture.

I hate the Equestria Girl's one, but this one and Winter Wrap-up was quite funny. Yes, they're random but good for a laugh.

This one. I agree that the song loses that special feeling in these versions but just listen to the quality of the voices.

Maybe it's just because I enjoy the originals - with video - so much, but these literals just take away from it too much.

Can't fault you there. I showed this video to my sister to demonstrate the love and devotion of the community, but it's the original that sparks these.

Gahhhhhhh the cuteness it's too much *thud*

Nice. I hope the end will be not as sad as in MLD. :fluttercry:


Glad you decided to write this yourself instead of just leaving the idea on the table for others. I look forward to more adorableness.


Its TF2. Fluttershy will probably end up weeping over their mangled, burnt, shot, exploded and jarate'd corpses.

4466043 And then her jaw will drop when they walk out of the respawn room like nothing happened.

And then they'll respawn. The confusion I can only imagine from fluttershy


And then she'd get to watch them die over and over and over, in bloody and horrible ways.

I think watching your loved ones die horrible deaths repeatedly is likely a punishment served piping hot in hell.

Just sayin' that Fluttershy is probably gonna get all sorts of psychological trauma from this.

This needs about 20% more Sniper. Best class in TF2, (no i'm not biased at all).
Time to teach Flutters the fine art of the Jarate...

I must also say that you really nailed the Medic and Heavy's personalities.

No fair putting that cute picture in the middle of your story, it'll make people favorite your story instinctively. Unless... that's what you intended it to do...you're devilishly clever.

"See?" Heavy pointed out. "And I know where sleep. Fluttershy bunk with Sasha! She like the filly already."

I had to double check your story list to see if it was a self reference to the Fluttershy is in love with a minigun (or something of a similar title). Now for the Nightmare Fuel.

That Sasha is a Spy!

Oddly enough, that was a backwards reference.

I was trying to think of where Medic and Heavy would put Fluttershy down for her naps. Then I remembered that Heavy gave his mini-gun, Sasha, its own bed.

I thought "Where would Fluttershy feel safer than that?" Besides that, it shows how quickly she's wormed her way into Heavy's heart.

Then I remembered that story, and realized the parallels. My thoughts:

"Well, this certainly explains that story..."

Actually, considering how blasé the team is about being obliterated and respawning - and that children's understanding of death comes from how it's explained by the parents - if I actually took the route of 'she sees them repeatedly being blown up', we might wind up with Socioshy as she grows up like Medic with no regard for life as death is only a brief inconvenience and an interesting experience.

I'm not taking that route, but just something to think about.

Imagine the Team reaction in a few years when Celestia appears on their door demanding to take Fluttershy back to Equestria.


:scootangel:*whistles innocently*

Holy Mackerel, this is too much, too much, hnnnnngh!..


Okay, I'm okay...
This is very well written, it gives back both Heavy's and Medic's personalities while keeping them unique to a situation like this.
I am surprised by that Heavy named Flutters, however, it is a good thing: if Scout happened to call her names, Heavy will crush Scout like bug!
Now I am expecting a reaction from Soldier, as my favorite class I know how would he react, so, make me proud!
Great job, keep it up!


As I don't know the classes as well as I'd like, I'd welcome feedback on how you think Soldier should react.

That fluttershy picture
My heart cant handle all the cute

Even with his total disregard for life and proper medical practice, he had his standards

At least he has those:rainbowlaugh:

And then heavy was gone with a single solar ray... :pinkiecrazy:

Only to respawn and come charging back in to do it again.

Well, he would try to train her, talk to her about the Art of War, and generally, he would look at her as a private in his team.
However, that's not all, he would also care about her, she would be his pink pony-eagle of freedom, and once she learnt to speak and fly, he would teach her how to kill!
Of course, in a fatherly manner. He would be tear-shedding proud.
However, a story is nothing without references, so you must include something about Painis Cupcake (look it up!) and Soldier's reaction to someone saying 'soap'. (The reference to this is in Eltorro64Rus' Gmod vids, namely 'Scout's Fantastic Adventures'.)

You should also read the official comics on the official site.

Oh, and one more thing. Soldier is basically a moron. But from the better, funny kind.
Keep that in mind.
I hope I helped.



Please, when was the last time we saw Celestia not getting her flank kicked by some villain? the only times she won (NM and Discord flashback) was because she has still the Elements on her side.


knowing soldier he would probably go and try and make a killing machine out of Fluttershy. would make remarks on how her mind control will not work on him because he is american. (( her cuteness)) and would most likely act like this unless fFuttershy did the stare or started crying.
note that the soldier is homeless and also he is not a real soldier so that's something to account for. He also will most likely give Fluttershy a medal if he succumbed to the cuteness or would give a medal if she cried to make her feel better. and of course we have the dreadful head collection

Soldier has blue heads the heads of every class so yeah cant imagine how sweet innocent flutter shy would react to the decapitated heads of fallen enemy's
If there is any other assstiance you need please just reply and say that you need it also if this info is helpful reply and say so


who touched fluttershy


I just imagine pinkie having twilight gatling gun and heavy having his min gun while being healed by the medic
rarity would have a talk about spy and his outfit and that would get spy and that
scout would get ready to brag and kill rainbow dash but then rainbow dash would brag and they would arm-wrestle, race etc
applejack and engineer would just watch and let it play out over some cider
pyro would look at the ponies in horror because (( this is a hypothesis)) if pyro sees pain and suffering as joy then if he saw joy and all that would that look like a living nightmare
sniper would day dream of adding the ponies as hunting trophy's but pinkie pie 4th wall breaking and party cannon would change his thoughts
soldier would shoot a rocket at pinkie but she would activate her party cannon and repel it back where then pyro would air blast it away from everyone
demoman would probably wake up from most likely being unconscious from being drunk and would drink some more and give some to celestia and applejack
And that's everyone so are these ideas good

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