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Kratos...the Ghost of Sparta...

Under the domination of Ares, the God of War, he committed horrid atrocities, including the slaughter of his own wife and daughter...

Visions of what he had done would haunt him all his days...until it brought his days - and his world - to an end...

At least, that's what the fates have decreed await him and Olympus.

But Fate changes sometimes. Some things can't be predicted, even by gods. And this time around, one of those things has found her way to Kratos at the very beginning of his Nightmares.
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: New Cover Art by Sanyo21!
Edit: New Fan Art by ArkKane!

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Immediate upvote for the title alone.

"it's dessert!"

1. I personally feel that it should be; It's a dessert. But that's just me, if others feel the same way then... I dunno:derpytongue2:

Surprised that Kratos isn't well... surprised by some of Pinkie's antics like her blow up fingers from hoof. Then again... he has faced Gods, Titans and all sorts of massive enemies with seemingly dexterous and near impossible weapons...

And then there's the regular monsters like nagas, satyrs, centaurs, hydras, manticores, chimera, harpies, evil spirits...

Pinkie just doesn't rate that high on the weirdness scale. The only really weird thing about her from Kratos' perspective is that she's an ally.

I, on the other hoof, think it should be lunch!
And dinner!!
And whatever other meal I can get away with replacing with cupcakes! :pinkiehappy:

Hey come back!
I just want to hurt you a 'little' :pinkiecrazy:

Reason why Kratos aren't weirded out is because Greek has lots of mythical creature that are physically weirder than Pinkie. Half human snake? A lion mix with scorpion and bats? Half Human horse? Why not a talking pink little horse?

5130469 I think Kratos is just tickled pink.

Now Kratos has five Pinkies.

I don't think she would be his mane problem.

He certainly has a sugar coated tail to tell.

Now Kratos just has to pull a Who's your daddy line:pinkiecrazy:

*starts jet plane for take off*

You know, when I see that kinda title, the intro to this video is the first thing that comes to mind. Up until I saw that, I didn't even know that slaughter can't be spelled without "AAAAAUGH".

5130640 Hop on to my private jet! We must make haste and pun all those that would hurt us!

Like 5130456 for example! Potato wine can kill!

is this little pinkie or older pinkie?

She did state she was four.

...I did not know that was a reference...
...I wish I still didn't...

5134194 I thought you knew. Its actually one of my favorite quotes. :pinkiecrazy:

I'd never heard it before.

Ladies and gentlemen, Pinkamina Kratos Pie! :pinkiecrazy:

After reading this, I can't help but think of what would happen if Pinkie joined Kratos for his cameo in Mortal Kombat 9.

"Finish Him! Friendship! Friendship? Again? Wait, we aren't even using friendships! How did you?"

"Squee!" :pinkiehappy:

...if I'd ever played MK9, that would be so tempting.

5136210 You may be able to pull it off, regardless. Kratos isn't part of the game's storyline, just a bonus character to play as in tournament mode. If you complete the tournament as him, Kratos is sent home with the thanks of the MK gods. Also, all the locations are from the first three MK games, seeing as how the game is a reboot. (spoiler from first 5 minutes of gameplay) In the end it's up to you, I'm just saying that in this case not playing the game has less of an impact than you might think.

As in "I haven't played any Mortal Kombat game since the ones that were on the SNES, so I have no idea how to work with the newer ones".

5137608 It's just as well, I suppose. There is such a thing as too over the top, after all. Even for Pinkie Pie.

5129959 Ancient Greece had some REALLY fucked up shit. Kratos has seen a LOT of said shit. More than most Greek heroes. After a while you just get numb to it all.

5130859 I actually think that she isn't a dead horse but she's Feeling Pinkie Keen instead

5142643 Knowing Pinkie, ye would take the Pink-copter supplemented with some of Kratos' swag

5142702 I'm guessing it's powered by five Pinkies worth

I didn't think it was possible...
Well done, Tatsurou. You have done something incredible! In a single chapter, you have actually made me care about the demigod who is, arguably, the most unsympathetic character in video game history. This was going to get an upvote because I'm a big fan of your work, but now it gets a favorite too!
Really looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

Heh, so Pinkie was lucky enough to talk coherently in this one rather than her friends, who are merely babbling infants :derpytongue2: She's adorable nonetheless, and it'd be cool to see where this goes. :rainbowkiss:

Trust Pinkie Pie to make me smile no matter the situation. And being better executed than me trying to write first blood for a much older pony.

Well done good sir :moustache:

Now I wonder how Pinkie will turn out once she's matured. She'd probably be a more composed, but robust killer than Fluttershy :derpytongue2:

I actually saw this earleir, but failed to notice that it was by Tatsurou.

"it's dessert!"

Missing capital

Another manticore, somewhat larger than the female he had fought the day before and male, was attempting to charge into the town. However, with each charge attempt was stopped when something large and brown smashed into the creature's face, the spray of crumbs revealing it had the same consistency as Pinkie's cupcakes

Would I call those brown cakes... Death by Chocolate?

okay, haven't read this, almost certainly won't, but the fates don't make predictions, they craft the fabric of reality. If you want a prediction, you go to the Oracle. What the fates do do is cut the thread of your life at the moment of your death.

Oh, and they also all share a single eye, so if they did tell you what they saw, I wouldn't trust it, personally.

also, the Fates aren't gods- that title belongs solely to the offspring of Chronos and their family. The Fates are older and more powerful than that.

God of War played a bit fast and loose with definitions in some cases. I'm basing the story description - and the story itself - entirely in how God of War defined things.


And in god of war, the three fates are the guardians of the loom of fate, which Kratos uses to re-write his own history.

But the only reason the entire situation even happened is because the Fates told Zues that the Marked Warrior would bring about the downfall of Olympus. Interpreting that to be Kratos' brother led to him being taken, which led Kratos to become a supreme Spartan warrior, and mark himself in memory of his brother, patterned after his brother's birthmark. This created the situation where Ares sought to use Kratos to take over Olympus, which led to Kratos opening Pandora's box to kill Ares...which created the conflict in God of War 2 and 3, which brought about the downfall of Olympus.

It was a self-fulfilling prophecy from the beginning, which is what the description alludes to, that the Fates prediction of these events created the events...although they didn't anticipate their own deaths as a result.

The part about what the Fates can't predict is implying that Pinkie Pie comes from outside the Fates' design, and so they can't forsee her influence on the weave.

Ok, I usually avoid mature stories with the dark tag, but considering that this is connected to your other very promising stories. I decided to make an exception and give this one a chance. So far I have not had any reason to regret. That said, I'll add this to my tracking folder for now.

It's only "Dark/Mature/Gore" because it's a crossover with "God of War". If you've played those games, you'll get why any story involving that series requires those tags. This story, however, has "Comedy" for very good reason.

5227625 I thought that would be the case. Thanks for confirming my hopes.

I have only one thing to say: HEEBEE GEEBEE.

What makes you say that?

Okay, Pinkie's distraction made this chapter :rainbowlaugh:

Loved the FLCL reference :pinkiesmile::moustache:

Glad you liked both of those.
Did you also like the "Darths & Droids" reference?

5258253 Didn't catch it. I don't think I've seen Darths and Droids.

It's a webcomic, and a pretty good one.
I can see why that's scary, yes.

I'm just waiting for Pinkie to activate her "Pinkamena Rage" and slaughter a whole army as Kratos watches in awe.

With all the other magical creatures and their dangerous - and often frightening - abilities, a talking pink pony with a Mane of Holding wasn't even worth batting an eye about...especially when she provided free cupcakes.

Death from laughter number one.

"I'm trying to cast 'Summon Bigger Fish'!" she called back. "There's always the bigger fish to eat this one!"

"...it's not a fish," Kratos pointed out.

Pinkie blinked for a bit. "So does that mean we eat it?"

"We kill it first."

Grinning eagerly, Pinkie pulled out a pair of knives.

Death number two. I actually GET that reference, and it is GLORIOUS!!! :pinkiehappy:

"I'm trying to make a speech here!" the Persian complained.

"And I'm trying to be a distraction," Pinkie countered. "Guess who's succeeding?"

...Death number three.
Game over for me!

Despite the training, though, there was no visible sign
revealed that her muscles bulged like cord with every bounce

1. Extra comma here.
2. Bulged like a cord.

Oh gosh, the FLCL reference killed me... And I know only bare bones about it! The Summon Bigger Fish one is the most hilarious by far though:rainbowlaugh:

Actually, "bulged like cord" is correct, because it's referring to all her muscles, not one specific muscle set.

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