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Jak never found it unusual that he had a unicorn brother. Shining Armor had been there his entire life, as far as he could remember. Sure, Daxter often made a point of just how strange it was relative to everyone else in the village, but then again Jak himself was different from the rest of the villagers.

He never questioned that he looked somewhat different from everyone else. Never questioned that he was raised by Samos the Sage, alongside Samos' daughter Keira, whom he kinda-sorta liked and who kinda-sorta liked him, even if Samos himself didn't like that. Jak, by nature, wasn't the sort to question things.

Shining Armor, on the other hand - or hoof - had lots of questions, but no answers.


Part of the PWNY-verse.

Crossover idea suggested by Keyblade Hero.
Cover art by Sanyo21

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YESSSS!! Jak and Daxter cross, dude you rock!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by MrAquino deleted Sep 15th, 2015

I have no idea about any of the characters, so I'm looking forward to reading these adventures.

Hmm, interesting. Ooh....eh, I'll save that for later.

Huh, this is going to be interesting. I wonder if a (former/future/whatever the timey-wimey stuff says) Guard Captain can bring strategy into play with this hothead and coward combo.

I kind of wonder how throwing in the two siblings would affect this match-up.

Before I read, is Jak still mute for Precursor?

He was mute in that game?

Either way, no he won't be. There will be a lot of back and forth talk between Shining, Jak, and Daxter as the story progresses.

6425511 Yes he was mute. Daxter even made a crack about it in Renegade.
Near the start he said, "Maybe the kid's mute. You know, like you used to be."

6425384 Unfortunately, that article is a bit outdated, at least in the realms of Ratchet & Clank.

I'm guessing that this takes place during the events of the first Jak and Daxter. Will the Lost Frontier be counted?


Yeah, Jak never really talked until Jak 2, so a lot of people thought he was mute. Kinda like a lot of video game characters (*cough cough* Link *cough* any Pokemon protagonist *cough* countless others *cough*)

Also, a personal question - how would you feel if someone else wrote a story like this? Would that be okay with you?

It's starting pre-Precursor Legacy. It will go through Jak 3 at least. Don't know if I'll include anything beyond that. I'll decide it as it goes.

I'd be overjoyed and want a link when it was published.



Now, to decide on who to use and where to send them...

Your name's in the description.

Multiple chapters of child-like shenanigans.

Wow, starting this one out quickly, huh? Shining's already questioning his past.

6425534 True, but it still gives a general idea. I haven't played Ratchet and Clank, myself.

6426019 I would highly recommend the series as a whole. A Crack in Time was the best fun I've ever had with my PS3.

Never played this series, going in blind. But so far, looks awesome!

Oh great. Now I have to drag out the PS2 and actually get past the beginning:twilightblush: Good chapter though.

I never played Jak and Daxter... Oh well *grabs popcorn*

Comment posted by Garreon deleted Sep 15th, 2015

Loved all the games looking forward to the outcomes. :rainbowdetermined2: Also, are you going to use the secret achievement that links precursor and renegade?

Hey, Jak and Daxter, Awesome!

one question though, Shining? nothing against the guy, but I thought Big Mac would have been more appropriate, especially for the first game, as Mac doesn't talk much and Jak doesn't talk at all... But then again, that means that all the dialogue would be on Daxter, and if you wanted that, then you might as well just play the game:derpytongue2:

Never the less, looking forward to this, although lacking the femine cuteness of the others, he will probably have to rely on more reason or baddassersy to resolve his conflicts, and interesting change from the other stories.

Wait a minute...

Ar-Mar, who Shines...

Ar-Mar Shines...

Shines Ar-Mar...

Shining Armour:facehoof:

6428089 shot in the dark, but I think he means the Precursor Door at the Citadel that holds you-know-what.... right
6428085 ?


Real Clever.

And I can tell that you HAVE played these games.

Um, you're not gonna include Daxter or the racing one at all, are you?

The first one I named would be fine, but the racing one kinda doesn't fit in my head canon.

That, and I've never played that one. Nor Daxter TBH; course, for the latter, I need a PSP and a copy of the game, as Sony sucks at providing ports for their handheld versions.

so are all your displaced? ponies going to come together somehow?

There is a plan to make a crossover of my crossovers, yes.

:pinkiehappy: first comment.

Daxter and Shining grinned back. "Guess who's last to the water?" Daxter called out.
Jak's face went pale. "Oh hell no...


I thought Jak doesn't talk until the second part of the series...


Normally that would be true, but that was the developers thinking a Silent protagonist was a good idea.

So he has a memory of the CMC. I bet they would approve of that sledding hill.

If he can't reach the trees, he should just run on panels of shields (kinda like Gwen in Ben Ten: Alien Force).


...Wait, if Maia and Gor are brother and sister than why are they in the same room while one of them is bathing?

Jak is speaking?...

Ok, I'll roll with it.

Comment posted by MrAquino deleted Sep 18th, 2015

Fun fact: Gol Acheron is voiced in-game by Dee Snyder.

...because it's a one room house? Have you seen the houses in that village?

6435886 He was a confirmed mute.
Seeing as he never spoke until after he was experimented on with Dark Eco, I imagine that's what triggered the change that allowed him to speak.

The writing reason why Jak is speaking is because it's more fun than having him silent.

The plot reasoning, my headcanon...

Jak was mute due to the trauma of the events leading to Jak 2 from Mar's perspective, a trauma overridden by the Dark Eco experiments. In this timeline, however, his bond with Ar-Mar (Shining) helped him overcome that much sooner and much less traumatically.


And now we know why they left too.

"Do we have to leave town to get some privacy?!" Gor roared as his fireballs joined Maia's volley.

Though too be fair, I'm with Daxter and the rest of the village men, That would indeed be awesome and I am somewhat jealous. Now if you excuse me, I need dodge the frying pan my wife curre- dlsa;jfdjlkf

Ferret: He didn't dodge.

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