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Just another zebracorn living in Ponyville. I wear a top hat! A small thing to know about me in terms of this site is this: I am a SUCKER for crossovers! Mainly those of the ones I'm familiar with.


This story is a sequel to From The Gates

Taking place three months after the events of From the Gates, the Elements of Harmony and the former homunculi were enjoying their new lives and what has been laid in front of them. But after a large accident at the Grand Galloping Gala, all sorts of chaos will unfold. Will the Elements succeed a third time with the help of the homunculi, and will Greed finally know the meaning of Generosity? Stay tuned for more!

Future chapters edited/proofread by Pixel brony and Dawn Flower.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright of Hasbro
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is copyright of Hiromu Arakawa/ Hiroshi Onogi/ Square Enix

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Here it is, my gift to you! The funny thing is, it's been three months since I finished the first story! :derpytongue2:

I hope you all will be entertained with what I have planned for this thing, because I want to make this a good first shot as a sequel. You all have gotten me so far into this site and it hasn't even been a year yet. With that said, thank you all once again :twilightsmile:

And for those that didn't read the comments in 'From the Gates', NO! Ed and Al won't be in this story :trixieshiftleft:...

Also, expect the Random tag later in the story. I think you'll know why :pinkiecrazy:

man why you so awesome. legit question

sequel? my brain thanks you. now to finish my history paper due tomorrow.

So Greed and Twilight :rainbowhuh: This shall be interesting :pinkiehappy:

1541280 Have you read the first one yet? :ajsmug:

I love you man.

YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

I am pleased. Please continue :twilightsmile:

Wait, what? Since when did Envy and Rainbow Dash get together? I'm confuzzled.:rainbowhuh:
And on another note... ahem. NOOOOOOOOOO!:raritydespair: Why won't you include Ed and Al? All the other FMA stories that include Ed and Al (that doesn't involve ponies going to amestris or character replacement) are crap. You're the only one I've seen that could actually pull it off.:fluttershysad:

1543958 You didn't read the first fic, have you? :unsuresweetie:

I don't know what to think...oh yeah; DON'T FUCK IT UP! Most all of the sequels for movies or book titles are fucked up. Some make it because of luck or determination, but this better not be a fuck up.

(just kidding I love you :pinkiecrazy:)

1545537 I'm aware. I pray that I don't cause many faces to turn away from this one :ajsleepy:

1545587 My face is practically super-glued to this screen. I cannot look away. Good luck! :rainbowkiss:

Discord is coming.... I impatiently wait for the glory of Discord vs Homunculi. It promises to be epic. That said, I do wonder if there will ever be actual alchemy in here eventually. I half-expected it in the first story, but it wasn't there. Though, as the only ones who are here so far that could know alchemy are all the Homunculi, and they couldn't use Alchemy as I recall, though that doesn't necessarily mean they couldn't now since they're no longer really Homunculi. There's also nothing saying the unicorns couldn't learn to use alchemy through magic. Just a thought.


The only thing that came to my mind when I saw that comment was Rachel's joke ending from Blazblue.

I'll read this later; for now, I have some... phenomenon intervention to take care of.

1555709 Hehehe, I saw that ending, too. So hilarious with Litchi :rainbowlaugh:

Litchi: I love Ragna!!



What did you SAAAAAAAAAY?!

Kokonoe: Huh? Did you hear that? Outside? It sounded like a million voices cried out in anguish, and were suddenly silenced....

Litchi: No, you're just hearing things.

1544347 Will Envy ever acknowledge that it prefers to go by as a male?I mean it did that in the series.

1577340 I'm still sticking with Envy being androgynous.

1578588 I meant to say adrogynous male who appears to be in his teens.Sorry I didn't clarify enough.Anyway I just wanted to know.By the way that was based in its character description.

1578588 Hey do you know Deadman Wonderland?

1579507 If you're suggesting me to a crossfic of that, I had an idea to, but it went up in smoke. A good anime :twilightsmile:


What about Kimblee? Everything FMA fic needs its dosage of smooth-criminal-in-a-pimpsuit-and-fedora-also-strong-enough-to-nearly-kill-the-protagonist.

Hey are we going to see any other characters from FMA? Like the 1old man and the 2big military guy with the automail arm that Wraith killed? And the 3blood lotus alchemist? Sorry just cant remember there names. but the old man would be a Pegasus military guy would be earth pony with auto mail foreleg and alchemist would be unicorn.

1648464 You mean Fu, Buccaneer, and Kimblee? Nope.

Can't believe it's been nearly a month since I've updated this thing :applecry: I'm very sorry, folks :fluttercry:

It's just my damnable classes :twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

But yeah, I just wanted to get this out for you for waiting so long as I get back to my studies and junk. Peace! :twilightsmile:

Speaking of classes...

I have three papers and a presentation to write / prepare during Thanksgiving Break!

Hooray... :ajbemused:

So don't worry TOO much... I'll kill you if you don't...


now let the fun begin:pinkiecrazy:

envy needs to remember these wise words whenever he gets jelous:
[img] http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu330/cthulhu19887/comics/db5fa855.jpg [/img]

1675482 I used that pic in my last fic already :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if Envy will ever go true form in this?


A fight scene? So soon?


awesome, Blueblood can fall in a ditch for all I care, the story is doing very well

About time we get a from the gate sequel. Since the ending of the first one I was guessing that the sequel would be Discord in Amestris but i geuss i was wrong. But anyway this is great and I am just dying for more of the sequel of one of my favorite Fics.

Its about time you update this... I was losing hope...

Nope, totally didn't find the reference. :trollestia:

:pinkiehappy:best apocolypse EVER!:twilightsmile:

hmm... Looks like there's a bunch of chaos in Equestria. Better call Michael Jordan. Keep goin and stay golden^^

1851904 Do YOU see any basketball playing aliens? Cuz I sure as hay don't! :trixieshiftright:

Hey, he quelled the chaos in the windy city. Give the man a basketball and Equestria's golden.

1851966 Well it's gonna take more than a few slam dunks to get out of THIS 'jam'! *dodges brick*

'Ho Ho Ho', looks like someone's well versed in their MJ products.

Shit just got real.

Shit hit the Fan harder than it did for Father...

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