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Who do you like better? Button Mash and his Video Game deck? Or Pipsqueak and his Pirate deck? I choose Pirate because of his Nightmare Night costume.

Yo, everyone. I'm now working on a Yugioh version of Rainbow Rocks.

Yo everyone. I saw an error in my Who is Fastest? story, so I changed the ending of the second chapter. Check it out, and tell me what ya think.

Hey people. I just added numbered turns to all my stories. You know lie Turn 1: Sunset, Turn 2: Twilight, etc. Hopefully, it'll make the duels easier to understand. Check em out if ya want.

Hey, I took Starlight out of my third story "The Seal" because I'm going to put her in a future crossover. (I replaced her with Celestia) I'm going to put up three more stories soon, and Starlight Glimmer will be in the second one.

Just added my story 'The Renegades' Could use some input :twilightsmile:

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