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Thanks while I'm not a writer I am a ideas guy Like when I suggested anju and kafei are really replaced by Candence and shining armor with in turn twilight and shining's parents night light and twilight velvet being the mayor and his wife oh now I know you can have derpy be that eccentric mailman obsessed with his schedule as derpy is a a eccentric mailmare obsessed with muffins it fits.

Oh cool quarter-century gang, well happy early birthday, and yeah, I'll look into other games like minish cap for later arcs, you are just a wellspring of ideas friend!

Fair anyway it's my birthday tomorrow as I'm turning 25 and it's late so good night. Ps why not have twilight get the light force from minish cap as it was not really explored that much and you can have so creative liberties with it.

Comment posted by Wagooigi deleted June 11th
Comment posted by Wagooigi deleted June 11th
  • Viewing 25 - 29 of 29
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