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This group is made to organize all the stories of where humans were transformed or mind-swapped into the bodies of characters in the show, except they are not on Earth. A better term to describe it as an Isekai but with the twist of being characters from the show.

Like someone named Sam woke up into the body of Rainbow Dash (in Equestria) and tries to figure out what happened. Or another person named Thomas dies he was about to go into the light until he stray off course and into the body of Apple Bloom (yes, in Equestria) and being hunt down by the Mane 6!

Think of it like the Ponyearthverse group, except in Equestria!

popular non-canon characters such as Snowdrop or Littlepip are accepted too

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Mmh, k thanks anyway

it's a little late but the human is turned into a character that isnt from the show

This is the greatest group ever, I love when humans turn into ponies!
Also I know of a story that might fit this group, can an admin/someone take a look at it? It is Night Wing.

What about stories where the human is just a passenger in the ponies minds?

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