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Hello my Villainous friends!

Welcome to the Humans Turning into Equestrian Villains group. This group will have HiE stories specifically where people turn into Equestrian villains that are cannon to the show. These can be about major villains, like Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis, or minor antagonists like Trixie and Gilda. These Human-turned-Villians (HtV's) can use their powers for good or evil, so long as it's entertaining. Let the fun begin!

Some ground rules:

- The Human-turned-Villain must be the main character.

- The Villain must be cannon. Gender swaps will be accepted, but things like OCs will not be.

- These stories must take place in the realm of Equestria. Stories will not be accepted if the HtV is on Earth or another planet. Another country on Equis is fine.

- Likes must be greater than dislikes on the story. This is to ensure quality.

- Ponies can be anthro, HOWEVER the characters must be more pony than human.

- Things where Equestria Girls ponies meet their counterparts, like Mr. Disc, will not be added.

- Clop will be accepted if it is labeled as such and goes in the appropriate folder. This is under the NSFW folder.

- This is not the Shameless Self Promotion group. Stories submitted by their authors will be harshly judged.

If you want a story added

Do it yourself. I've pretty much let this group go, but please try to be accurate.

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you know I really wish there were more stories that had this as a theme cause it's awesome

Daymare Sun?
Dont you mean Daybreaker
From Seasion 7
The nightmare from starlight Glimmer, that when she doesnt clear Lunas and Celestias friendship Problem Nightmare Moon and Celestia in evil Form (she called herself Daybreaker) will fight?

s1 #10 · Jul 2nd, 2017 · · ·

Here stories you can add:
All Glory to the Overgoat by Bucking Nonsense (Grogar)
How to Successfully Pass as an Evil Overlord by Sofa King Zill-e (Grogar)
Unfortunately I Am the King of Equestria by Sofa King Zill-e (King Sombra)
The Overlord by Scorpion1313 (Grogar) this story is NSFW.
And you should add some more folders for story like one for Ahuizotl and G1 villains like Grogar and folders for the Storm King and Tempest Shadow for future stories and one for minions and King Anubis from MLP: FIM comic series.

408442 I'm so sorry, I havnt checked this group in a while. I'll look at your story later, and check the comments.


- This is not the Shameless Self Promotion group. Stories submitted by their authors will be harshly judged.

I hope this is not the reason why my story is not getting added in here. I mean I don't really understand the point of this. What difference is there if a story is added by its Author or by another party? :rainbowhuh:

Also wondering why it is seemingly allowed for Authors to add changeling stories, but not Sombra stories? I'm completely confused and don't understand the system here. :rainbowhuh:

My story 'The New Sombra' fits your description and could be added! :pinkiesmile:

Question, why is "I'm going to save or destroy equestria" in the starlight folder?

I accidentaly put a story in the wrong folder, what do I do? I've never tried this before, sorry. It is currently in the starlight folder but belongs in the king sombra one.
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