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Thank you for adding The Elements in Harmony to your i like this folder. What is your favorite part?

Thanks for adding my story to your reading list. Hope you enjoy it! :raritystarry:

It's a tragic shame really.

Greetings, sir. Have you recently heard about this recent atrocity?

I think someone's ready for Halloween.

I'm glad you like this. :3

You should read it sooner, rather than later. :V

Hah, just thought of another story.

The Ponies Who Stare at Goats.

They didn't just walk through walls. They didn't fly off into the sun in a helicopter...the came back. To Equestria. Jeff Bridges and George Clooney in Equestria......Jeff bridges...being Jeff Equestria.

Hmm...maybe more terrible than cringey. What I get thinking late at night.

Thanks for the fave on Star Eater! Thumbs up if you like it! What do you enjoy most about the story so far?

I like your style 10/8 for the effort to put the story in a library. :twilightsmile: keep it up!

Someone read my thing on YouTube?

Thanks for the follow and the favorite!

Thanks for the follow! :ajsmug:

  • Viewing 317 - 336 of 336
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