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go look up "Anon Meets the Heavy" that story will give you the feels

story stuff


[TF2] The Notorious Scoundrels · 4:33pm 10 hours ago

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Sincere thanks for the follow. :twilightsmile:

hello, doctor! heavy has been looking everywhere for you!

Huh... I'm here again.
Thanks again for the fav!

Thanks for adding The Ponies who Played with Fire to your favorites.

Thanks for the follow. I hope I can continue to entertain.

You have violated the law of skyrim and her people!
What do you say in you're defense?
1 resist arrest
2 pay for you're crimes (10 gold)
3 attempt to persuade
4 go to prison

Hope you like the Displaced story, friend!

I'm glad you liked my story "Chrysalis Buys A Puppy Farm".:pinkiehappy:

Thank you for adding my story to one of your bookshelves, I hope you will enjoy it.:pinkiesmile:

Hey, thanks for adding The Ponies who Played with Fire to your Read it Later or Not shelf.

Got it. Do you think it's right for a whole species to be tested that way?

Got it. Does the story reflect your friend's actual beliefs, or is it just meant to be spooky?

I did not one of friend gif it to me

Thanks for the watch. Tell me, where did you come up with your story about the Doomstar?

thx for the watch give my newest story a read i been working hard with my editor to make it great as it can be

Thanks for the fav! ^^

  • Viewing 291 - 310 of 310
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