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how's it going people i am mrkillwolf666 and i have shit ton of ideas for story and also i am fucking weird and more stuff about me

story idea

Watching i love you

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Some ones chopped off hands fried. Their delicious!

wtf is a "fried hands"

Aww the perfect answer! Now sit still while I get the fried hands!

Thanks for stalking me... I guess... May I ask why you decided to be so creepy?

I feel like i should thank you but given then name of the bookshelf you added my story to im not sure if you will even read it

Thanks for watching me. What got you interested?

Thanks for adding Indominus Equestria to your favorites and for the following means a lot. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for both the follow and adding Warcasters and Witches to your bookshelf!

I think I saw something similar before, just don't know where.
Besides I never played Overwatch.

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