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Welcome, Ladies, and Gentleman, please sit down and shut your faces as I embrace you to an epic story, or is it?

Once upon a time, their was a boat! But not just any boat, kids, it was a ship! A ship made by the most friendliest of them all: Hatty Hattington. Hatty was like, King friendship to all, and all for one. They have fun in adventures, but what would their next adventure be? Maybe it would be a scary ghost ship, or an island made entirely out of candy!! Or maybe they would find a ship full of pirates swashbucklers, and join forces to find an island made entirely out of candy, who knew?! But so long as they were together, their were friendships to be made, and happiness to be spread!!

Now children, this is where it gets interesting!! Hatty was abducted by freakish--I mean nice-ugly looking cats, and made him wear a red hat. That had made him die, and you left him to sink under the ocean. That is, until You started to buckle your pants LIKE A BOSS!! Then suddenly, the ocean was like, "SIKE!!" And your boat swayed back and fro, fro and back, hanging on for dear life!!


The water was so bad, it was like a fat man farting in your cereal, and you eating it's delicious but smelly treat of a breakfast!!


And then--


And like that, it was over, that is until you awake in a scary forest. I mean, if I woke up in a scary forest, I'd probably scream like a little girl--I mean SCREAM LIKE A MANLY GIRL...Man...girl.

Now it is up to You to find friendship upon this land, and save this entire island. Maybe you'd come across six colorful ponies, and join forces to defeat the butt moon!! Maybe you'd also try and defeat a pony that can change forms and has an army of bugs, or try to save an entire empire from a scary force!! Who knows!! What I do know, is that you need to get your lazy butt out there and GET OUT OFF THE FOREST!!!

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