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Time to restructure... · 4:41pm Jan 14th, 2017

We're going to be rearranging how a number of things are done over here at Headhunter Productions and this includes the work on Black Sky. The latest chapter has been written but the lack of an editor has completely stalled the project for the past few months. So for the time being I Hunter shall assume the direct roll of editor.

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Just started watching your reviews on youtube and your expressions are amazing and if possible i'd like to recomend a movie to review. Known only as...(sweet mother of celestia) Dunston checks in. A movie staring a monkey who is owned by a jewel thief in a five star hotel. (Please don't hate me)

Comment posted by TurboTheGameGuy deleted Apr 27th, 2016

Is Headhunter productions working on the next MLP review?

I want to be a film critic... not to mention I also like Bobsheaux (that's who turned me onto you) and Nostalgia Critic, as well as AVGN. Ah well, no point in me talking about you, might as well just say hi and leave you alone. Nobody likes an attention seeker.


There, I'm done. Discount any other text before 'Hi'.

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