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Writing this on my tablet · 2:57pm Jul 14th, 2018


My laptop's battery has completely died!

First my dog gets sick, significantly reducing the amount of time I get free to use for writing, but when I FINALLY finish the second chapter of my Sheogorath fic, I turn off my laptop with the intent to publish in the morning, and when I get up, IT DOESN'T BLOODY WORK!!!!!

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Thank you for adding Glaceus to your favorites!

Thanks for the follow! <3

Alright, I may not have that in chapter two after checking my stories progres, but I am confident I can add something like that in chapter 3:twilightsmile:

I mean he seems even more clueless about species than Black was

I think I could imply that sooner than I original had planned:raritywink:, though what do you mean about his father? I can't follow your thoughts on him.

  • Viewing 304 - 308 of 308
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