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"This is where the Borderlands crossovers live, GET YOU ONE!"

Welcome to Borderlands Bronies! If you've got a story related to ponies and Borderlands, add it here. It's also the place to discuss missions, characters and anything as long as it's related to Borderlands. Duke it out with fisticuffs over what character is best, rant about tough bosses or share your favourite legendary weapons, this is the ultimate place for anything Borderlands related.

Rules and whatnot

No flame wars, posting or linking NSFW material and general common sense. If you think you shouldn't do it, don't.

If you would like contributor, send me a PM. I'l get back to you sooner or later. Probably.

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I have a marvelous idea for a broderlands fic! PM me if you wqnt to write one out with trixy maud pie timeturner and spitfire!

Hey, what happened here? I haven't checked in in a long while, but things here seem to be pretty stagnant. It's okay if nobody really writes Borderlands Fics here, but nobody chats, nobody comes up with any ideas, nothing! I joined here because I wanted to read Borderlands with ponies, which might just be one of the best combinations ever devised by man, and I know you all think so too, or you wouldn't be here. So how do we fix this? I think I'd be dead wrong if I said I was the only one who was looking for more here, and I also know that I can't really change too much on my own. I don't really know to much about all the nuances of this 'Group' thing works, so anyone else who want's to see more Borderlands Bronies, your help would be greatly appreciated.

HEY EVERYBODY, Borderlands 3 (Pre-sequel) gonna come out at the end of the year. Click on link for a general idea of the game.

I have a story I would like to add.:twilightsmile:
Borderlands: Rise of Equestria.
It's a crossover with the hated (well at least I hate them) Fall of Equestria stories, where the Vault hunters from both games start a caribou slaughter fest!:twilightsmile:

Ah yes, a good Borderlands story. I enjoyed reading that one there. And I agree that it must be put in this group here.

Hay everypony. I've recently gotten into Borderlands 2 and have been up searching for crossover stories with it, and I've found one that may be worthy of joining. It connects halfway in the story of Borderlands 2 where the Vault Hunters are teleported of Santuary when Lilith makes it rise into the air and teleports it. Zer0 has an unfortunate accident where he get's sent not away from Santuary, but off Planet Pandora all together! It's really good, and If you'd like to check it out here's the link to it.:twilightsmile:

I'll probably PM you the intro so you can take a look at it, I wanted to do multiple main characters for the story but I can't seem to get the hang of writing multiple characters in one of my stories!

Not out yet, I mostly just got the introduction done. But I haven't published anything yet. I was planning to, but inspiration left me whilst I was weak minded....

324467 Sorry, I play on xbox, gamertag: Tempism. I have lvl 61 mechro, psycho, and gunzerker so levels aren't a problem. i'll check out your story, if you'd like.

Hey, if you got steam?
You got the game?
You can join me!
Be warned though. I've leveled up ALOT during the time I've been playing since my original post on the subject of others joining me on Borderlands 2. Also, I'm playing True Vault Hunter mode and restarting the campaign again.
So if you want to join, just friend me on steam and I'll hook you up!

Steam Name: venfulfire
Game name: [MLP]Venful - MLP meaning My Little Pony, not Major League Player. -_- I swear some of my friends on steam are just outrageous! :duck:

Also for the Admin here, I came up with an Idea for a borderlands story but I want to run it by you first, see if its up to par. I only got the introduction for the story done, so I would like you to take a look at it if'n ya don't mind.... that is.....:fluttershyouch:

can I join? I can supply everone with loot if you feed me.

If'n anyone is up to joining me on Borderlands 2 on Steam add venfulfire as a friend!
Currently Level 20ish (Zero) :twilightsmile:
- Game Invite?

Oh, and is it okay if I try to start a Borderlands Story? I want to see if I can give it a shot! I already got the intro for it. Just need to start a couple Chapters into it, and I'll let you guys know about it in the future!
-For Admin of group?

My profile picture says it all. 310000 True dat. I wish Tiny Tina had proof of being a brony, that would be awesome.

Yo dudes whadup mai names Deadray, if anyone wants ta play on borderlands 2 xbox, just send me a message with yo gamertag
Dead out!

Mechromancer is confirmed Pegasister. :moustache:

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