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A cold, calculating assassin is teleported to the magical land of Equestria due to the unstable powers of the siren, Lilith. Will our awkward, haiku-obsessed hero be able to adapt to the Magic of Friendship, or will he simply end up murdering everything in sight like he's used to? Let's hope its the former.
Only one thing is truly known, this was a challenge he was NOT prepared for!

Borderlands/MLP crossover. Challenge Accepted.

Cover art by steptrool on DeviantArt

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I'll add this to my read later, because I am unsure of how you could possibly throw a number into Equestria, without ending up making everything dead.

Okay, I decided to read it right after I said I would read it later...

A few things to note: You'r grammar is good, but not perfect. Watch out for tense shifts (past, present, future).
The only thing I noticed in way of spelling errors, is the occasional word has the wrong last letter, presumably do to haste in writing, and/or lack of an editor.

Other than that, it seems like this story won't just involve wanton pony massacre. I look forward to see where this goes.

As a new fanfic writer myself i just loved how you wrote the whole thing :pinkiehappy: Will want more later :raritywink:

I'm waiting for :trollestia: to Strike...

She is preparing/
to Strike swiftly, very soon/
upon Zer0-san/

1363748 Thanks for the feedback. I'm surprised I didn't butcher the grammar as much as I thought I did considering this is the first time ever that I've actually just sat down and wrote something, besides a few papers for school but that doesn't count. And as for the spelling, I'll blame it on haste. I was making sure I'd get atleast 3 chapters done before it was approved. Guess I sorta rushed myself, heh.

1363829 Why thank you! Yea, decided to start writing after spending a month roaming this site. It was a bit harder than I thought but It seemed to have turned out nice so far

1364145 Want's some feedback?


1364392 I'm fine at the moment but if I come across any trouble spots I'll be sure to let you know... BTW love your stories :D

1364416 Uhh... love you too? O.o

1364445 Lol, didn't think you would notice. :derpytongue2:

Love the story btw. On chapter 3 right now.

Edit: Zero is my favorite character. I'm thinking of making Fluttershy play as that guy in the Borderlands 2 chp for Luna Plays. What do you think?

1364455 Well since its my first, I've been kinda hawking over the story page for the last hour or so while doing some research...and by research I mean Borderlands 2 : /

Edit: Sounds awesome. If the coverart alone isn't enough to express how awesome that would be...

1364464 Hmm, are you an XBL player?

...Holy shit.
It's a good Borderlands crossover.

1364471 Yup, though I'm primarily a PC gamer. Got the game for the Xbox, however, due to a majority of my friends being XBL players.

1364476 I wasn't even aware there were any Borderlands crossovers... That bad?

There's a few grammatical errors here and there, but other than that, quality.
I suppose your Zer0 specced into Bloodshed, considering Decepti0n didn't end with a single strike.

1364517 Of course, Bloodshed is hella fun, though the shuriken in Cunning is quite swell too... And for the grammar, my bad? :D

this is awesome :moustache:

Despite a few grammatical errors here and there, this story is pretty interesting so far. Also, when Twilight screamed, "You idiot!" I couldn't help but think of this.


1364125 Well, it is definitely a decent read. Again, check for spelling and grammar, but not actually bad.
Need's more haiku's.

1365921 Agreed, it's just a bit difficult to fit haiku's into dialogue, but I'll try to step up my game. Least I can do in response to all this positive feedback.

And I just finished teh new game plus.

So in this story all the vault hunters were alive. Good thing they didn't got Salvador.

1364490 Wanna know my gamer tag?

Very good, hope to see more soon.

1366675 Sure, why not?

Edit: I'll be sure to add ya the next time I go on.

I wouldn't be in a rush to be back in Pandora. But I would think he would be happy to finally kill Jack.

Sociopath in pony land learns the value of friendship, ponies stop being naive.

I love this concept
You are a master writer
I praise your prowess

1368128 I wouldn't say master....and nice haiku

not sure if to read this....

1368192 No one's forcing you :D

Nice. I love how you've let Celestia step out of canon and get a little smug.

I give you.
Chapter 4 out of 4.

1368206 Letting Celestia push Zero's buttons like that was to good to pass up

1368222 Hmm yes. Btw, that last comment has double meaning. Hope you find out.:pinkiehappy:

1368229 Ugh. It's too late for me to think that hard. I'll just leave it for tommorow : /

1368244 chp 4 equestrian earth. I've finally finished it. Also my left arm still feels funny from the flu shot goonight

1368246 Oh nice! And yea, im done as well....you know...after I read that new chapter...

1368254 yep...okay sleep time.afs

just realized i never faved this

1368315 *Le gasp* The situation has been rectified, yes? :D


hell yeah it has! plus one upvote bitcheeeeeesssss

1368327 Damn Straight!... alright time for bed...

Interesting fic
I shall keep an eye on it
Do not disappoint

There are many haiku here
I will make a different style of comment

No but in I was hopeful someone would make this concept it seems too good to pass up.

Shit just got real folks. Good story, wasn't so sure looking at the description, but glad i read the chapters (Even though i just had the Borderlands 2 ending spoiled for me =P) Looking forward to more.

When he fought the Diamond dogs couldn't really tell if he was on his hind "hooves" or on all fours, got kinda confused:applejackunsure::applejackunsure:

So, I noticed you included a great many haiku's in this one. (Last comment only existed because I needed to go half way through the chapter.)

I like. I am looking forward to more.

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