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Mindcrime beats

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I enjoyed it because it was different than the usual of "human is changeling" or normal changeling is redeemed story.

Thank you for adding 'Converted' to your favorites. May I ask what you enjoyed about it?

Thanks for the fave!

2119203 I'd love to take credit for Proteans (not humans) being immune, but Total Immunity was something Sid Meier came up with for Civ II: Test of Time, and without that game's Sci-fi mode, The EarthGate Saga wouldn't even exist. So, I have to give credit where credit is due, and thank Sid for making such an awesome game. Without the Total Immunity technology, it'd be much harder to write.

How you made humans invincible (as i read so far) and the fact that celestia is fighting something she cant (Possibly) win against

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