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Here at the PETA group we like to eat meat and we like to read about ponies eating meat!

Delicious, Delicious Meat!

So if you see any stories about such tastiness, please post them here.

Message subject to change as we get started.

Also, if you have any recipes you wish to share, please post them in our forum.

Now go eat steak, chicken, or other!

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This group needs more love. And stories. First one I remember was one where alicorns are carnivores through and through.

Sure my first reaction was "???", but I loved the story. And compared to some of the fandom ideas about them, I'll buy it every day.

380513 I'm somehow okay with that...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~


MEAT IS MURDER!!!!!!! tasty, tasty murder.....

I see what you did there with the name.

Yay! I think I found a home on FiMFiction. :heart:

Bacon and the skin of a freshly cooked turkey...

Nothing tops that.

:fluttercry: eat is yummy

Meat lovers....UNITE

I joined after the first sentence...:ajsmug:

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