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spore to a cell to the awesome space stage there is finally a group dedicated to spore even the grox are invited JOIN THE CULT WE HAVE COOKIES AND MILK

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The banner has been set up and this group is slowly growing into something beautiful but the improvements shall be furthered.
I ask for your advice on how to improve this cell stage group on how to improve things on several levels of awesomeness such as
1. New folders for different types of stories like e.g trolling equestria.
2. A brand new group icon, we need something more eye catching then a alami (thats what i call that snake thing deal with it).

Just remember i can improve on this and i will try to make everyone happy, all you need to do is comment on this or PM me the suggestions you want written down.

hi umm hey guys... can i add the first story... it would be an honor if i could

uh anyway I can improve this group I'm trying not to make a non slap together piece of garbage

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