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"She smiles as all the right neighborhoods burn, leaving only the wrong ones to be in." -Zincy

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What People Are Saying About Twiface:

"He's awesome" -Normal
"I'm going to follow you because reasons" -High Rise"
"You have good grammar. I liiiiike you." -darcyyanew
"Twiface doesn't want her good wholesome clop clogged with good wholesome E or T rated stuff" -sweetPixiesmile
"I wish I was in her neighborhood" -Professor of Hoers
"Your face looks like a twi" -Swan Song
"Your face doesn't look like a twi anymore" -Swan Song
"I love how this fandom takes memes and makes them into high-quality pieces of art. It never ceases to amaze me." -Nightweaver20xx
"How did you write over 7,000 words for this?" -Scootareader
"I feel like you were trying to show me EXACTLY how to get to the theater. Uncool bro, uncool!" -ThatPonyWithASword
"I gave it an F" -Comet Burst
"Thanks for the follow!" -A lot of people

Hall of Best Pony

(A.k.a. Twiface's Harem)

In no particular order:

Honorable Mentions:
-Rainbow Dash
-Silver Spoon

Honorable Mentions for the list of Honorable Mentions:
-Swan Song
-EarthBound Pwny

Honorable Mentions for the list of Honorable Mentions for the list of Honorable Mentions:
-The Parasprite's avatar back when it was a picture of Scootaloo

Honourable Mentions:

Holy Shrine of the God-tier Titan Lords:
-Lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Doge Shibe

Bucket List

Before I leave Fimfiction forever, I want to:
[X] Submit a story
[X] Submit a meta story
[ ] Write a 100,000 word story
[ ] Write a 600,000 word story
[ ] Write a 1,000,000 word story
[ ] Write a clopfic
[ ] Write an anti-clopfic
[ ] Write an epic tale
[ ] Write a not-so-epic tale
[ ] Write a trollfic longer than 'The Longest Trollfic Ever'
[X] Write something about Twilight
[ ] Write something about Derpy
[ ] Write something about the CMC
[ ] Write an epic Civilization crossover
[X] Found a group
[X] Be a troll
[X] Be a gangsta
[X] Write a fic about the Twiface
[ ] Get something written about me
[ ] Get something into 'The Forbidden Tunnel of Bad Fanfics'
[ ] Do a collab
[X] Argue politics with someone over the internet
[ ] Win said argument
[X] Justify Imperialistic Aggression against smaller countries
[X] Trick people into thinking I'm a girl
[ ] Become the next Somber
[ ] Complete this list


Twiface's Neighborhood

Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh, splotila naveki velikaya Rus...


Twiface: Real Name, No Gimmicks! · 10:28pm Jun 16th, 2015

Guess who's back, back again.
Twiface's back, tell a friend.
Guess who's back...
Guess who's back...
Guess who's back...
Guess who's back...
Guess who's back...
Guess who's back...
Guess who's back.......

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The Wrong Neighborhood Trolley


Stuff I get from the Fimfiction Achievement Brigade. Not in any particular order.

1. "What is this place, filled with so many wonders?" - Open an account on FimFiction

2. "Join the Herd" - Join a group (First was 'Trollfics', now I'm part of several)

3. "Curious Cat" -Turn on 'Mature' browsing

4. "A Casual Affair" -Be on the site a week w/o extended absences

5. "Yep, those are words alright" - Write a story with 5,000 words ('Twilight Struggle')

6. - Get 5 Achievements

7. - Get 10 Achievements

8. - Get 20 Achievements

9. "But now I have a Hat!" -Put a hat on your avatar (A big crown thingy counts, doesn't it?)

10. "The Worst! Possible! Thing!" - First 502 Error

11. "Float or Flop" -Write an all OC Story ('Snowpiercer: Mmmisery on the Acrimony Express'. It totally flopped.)

Achievements without pictures:

12. "Lavender Unicorn Syndrome" -Write a story with Twilight as the main character ('Twilight Struggle,' of course! :twilightsmile:)
13. "It's Over 9000!" - Write a story with 10,000 words ('Twilight Struggle')
14. "Who Turned off the lights?" -write a story with the 'dark' tag ('Twilight Struggle')
15. "How did that work again?" -Write a story with the 'random' tag ('Does this fic pass the Bechdel Test?')
16. "And then they had tea" -Write a story with the 'Slice of Life' tag ('Bechdel Test')
17. "Was that a flash of Pink?" - Follow 20 members
18. "I HAVE THE POWER!" -Be admin of a group ('Fimfiction downvote brigade')
19. "Am I doing it right?" -Found a group ('Downvote Brigade')
20. "I Think I'm doing it right" -Have 10 members in a group you founded ('Downvote Brigade')
21. "Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until next Tuesday" -Have 100 stories in the 'read later' list.

Achievements I'm working on: .

起來!不願做奴隸的人們! 把我們的血肉,築成我們新的長城!