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Crystal Static

I'm a fairly skilled hermetic wizard, and I could teach you the esoteric arts, if you can prove that you are worthy of my instruction.

My newest fanfics.

Anything you might want to know about me.

I am Crystal Static. I usually read upwards of one-hundred-thousand words a day, and I enjoy a fairly diverse assortment of genres. I experience at least one minor existential dilemma every month or so. My moral alignment is a steady Lawful Evil, I am an asshole, my sense of humor was born in the internet, I talk way too much sometimes, I consider normal to be overrated, I am an existential nihilist, I am also a dedicated humanist, my insomnia keeps me up at night, I figured out the meaning of life at age 14, even I have a hard time comprehending my romantic and sexual preferences, my favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle, Luna is best princess (excluding Twilight of course), changelings are awesome.

I am a practicing chaos wizard. Yes, magick is real. No I'm not crazy, I've actually gotten results in my practice. No, chaos practitioner of magick doesn't mean like Discord. What makes a chaos practitioner different from other practitioners is the mentality behind their practice. Magick is magick, there are no different types of magick, just different styles and mentalities behind the practice of it. I may be open to teaching - or performing a working for - you, just ask if you are interested.

Honestly, I'm an asshole, but I'm pretty reliable when you need someone to tell it to you straight without any bullshit or attempts to ease the blow as it were. If you're being a fuckup, I'll tell you as such. If you aren't quite sure that those pants make your ass look fat, I'll tell you that those pants make your ass look enormous (or not if they actually are nice).

I am the owner of the group 'Nudists and Nudity', which I was inspired to create after reading It's Just Anatomy by eLLen.

I also am the owner of the group 'Changeling Cuddlers', which I created because I could... I really need to try to bring that group back to life...

Midnight Sonare is my go-to cover art guy, he is awesome and you should check out his DeviantArt page.

10/10/10-5/10/2014 -- Never forget

Updated 6/21/2017


Have some wisdom from one of my friends on a different site. · 7:55pm Jan 21st, 2021

Many people on here are miserable and depressed, which (psychological and biochemical factors aside) takes as much if not more effort than being happy and confident, as it requires sustained following of certain specific patterns of belief, thought, and action.

I applaud this dedication to the task of bearing the world’s pains, Christ-like, upon your shoulders, and seek only to assist.

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If I didn't, I wouldn't have continued on to the sequel.

Well, I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying them.

Started with the first obvs. I always start with the first one even if I found the sequel first.

Thanks for the favorite on Death of a Queen and Life of a Queen. Did you start with the first story, or did you find the sequel first?

  • Viewing 363 - 367 of 367
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