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For all of the stories associated with The Weed and the 'verse in which it exists.

Why yes, we do have timelines and guides available. Several, in fact. And a very active Discord. Check the forums! If you made it this far, you can make it a little further! Keep going!

These stories are all about growth, positive, healthy growth. They are about facing challenges, having adventure, and the personal growth that comes from advancing through adversity. While these stories do try to avoid the dark tag, they do sometimes have bleak moments, without being overly dark. There is a focus on positivism and optimism.

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Many of the Big Reveals happen in the small stories.

Comment posted by Prysmkitsune deleted Aug 8th, 2020

So I found The house of the rising sunflower in the featured box and noticed it had a link leading here. Checked the timeline and decided to join, since I'd have never been able to properly follow the stories on my own.
Many props and much gratitude to everyone who worked on that. And now, I have a lot of reading to do.

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Aug 12th, 2019
Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Aug 12th, 2019

I love this to pieces. The way you've interwoven G1 and FiM is just delicious and I love it! And found the reading order in the forums! So useful!

Does the pretty boy get the horn?

I check my feed multiple times a day. I love thy work.

I use Google plus, I follow 11 communities that love mlp, I sent a link to your work to all.
I am sitting on 5 likes, hopefully more, and hopefully you will see the fruit of my efforts.

Click mature button.

Errr ... does anyone know what has happened to 'Skyreach'?

I opened the chapter up this morning on my tablet, but now the story has gone?!?

So what's this group about anyway :derpytongue2:

Okay I'm going to apologize in advance if this already exists or if its posted somewhere in the blogs, but is there a time line or a chart for what order things take place in and the order to read it in? As I started with Flicker Nickers stories then Dim Darks, then Blank and I am in love with this world now but so confused on what order fills in the gaps of what I don't know.

Comment posted by Knightstar deleted Jul 2nd, 2017

Ah, my mistake! I'm not familiar with groups on this website, and wasn't sure what forums were exactly (derp), but I see it now. Many thanks!


You made it this far but didn't look in the forums? :applejackconfused:

Keep going!

Is there a directory for which order to read these stories in? Because I got caught up in the original "The Sun Also Surprises" when it had no references to the Weedverse (or, at least, none that I could discern), and now I'm reading "The Perilous Gestation of Swans" and have found that I've missed... quite a lot. I'm guessing that I should just start off with "The Weed" for now?

He didn't make an assumption, he made a hypothesis. It so far is proving to be true. Thanks for confirming his hypothesis. You are behaving exactly as predicted.

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