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for all of "the chase" fans out there i decided to make us a home.
we all love it, we all love to talk about it so why not use the forum and not only Kudz's blogs

more stuff will come

as some people didn't like Verse i changed it to just a Group
i will do some editing later this week to add more stuff here :)

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Hrm... not sure this is the right place for this, but....

Any one else on SWGEmu, Basilisk, and interested in doing a PA of friends from here? Might could call it WinterWorx or something. (Then we'd have to figure out a way to get Kuzu a decent box so he could join in....) if so, feel free to PM me.

386452. Hahahahah OMG! You didn't just ask that xD

I need a bit of help, if someone could read something im working on and maybe help me fix it, ive done all the spell check work i can and need a proof reader or something, its not going to be long at all its more of a huge bio on my character but more of a story/journal as if someone was reading it. I would be grateful!

from this day forth i shall reread every chapter 2-4 times to see if i cant remove anymore of those pesky typos

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Unrelated: I had a sudden thought. If pinkie and cheese had a son would his name be Pizza Pie?

Hey everyone, long time lurker and reader. I've been reading The Chase since its beginning and I cannot get enough! Keep it up Kudzu!

So I have a question for the artist out there

Can someone draw a size comparison of the curators in the chase

380264 //looking at both thumbnails// Hey dat me! The second one! God that took so long to draw, it's not even funny.

Side Story's should be Side Stories.

On the topic of Derpy with Superpowers, I enjoyed:

Plot power.
way more than I should.
Caution: Very very silly.

Apologies if links to sort-of-related fics group members may enjoy are off-topic.

Why is Suicide By Goddess listed?

It is NOT in the Chase Verse.

Come on, Bucky would do awful things if somepony licked his auntie.


Maybe. Alt-verse stuff.

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