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Philosophical Phiction.

Fiction with some meaning. Stories that make you think. Stories that test the boundaries of morals and ethics, stories that cause a moral morass or an ethical quandary. Stories that cause questions.

More importantly, stories with some answers.

I expect some lively discussion about anything submitted. At least, that is my hope.

Please, have fun, think a little, be kind to one another, and spread the word. Let us all chat about subjects with more depth than the average teaspoon.

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Why is there foalcon smut in this group's story folder? I'm really not sure what's supposed to be philosophical about that. In fact, I'd say this kind of shit has no place here.

Hey is this group dead?



Either are acceptable. The important thing is, there are questions.

Answers are optional.

So do we include stories based of the questions they ask or the ones they raise?

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