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Meanest little raccoon with the cutest little boots.

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Hi There!

I'm a punk-rock musician / computer scientist / fantasy-horror writer, and I'm addicted to My Little Pony. When the episodes aren't coming out fast enough, it's nice to unwind with an exceptional fanfiction between tasks or before bed. As writing and proofreading is something I've done professionally for a long while, I've proofread quite a few stories over the years, and at some point I started writing my own stories, which are apparently well received. I work on them when I have enough time to sit down on them, which is work-dependent, and publish updates when I have something that meets my quality standard.

In March 2020, the pandemic threw a lot of my life off, and in August 2020 I came down with COVID and have been severely disabled ever since. I'm trying to get back into writing now though, so hopefully I can get some of these old projects rolling again!

If you want to talk to me...
You can PM me here or find me on Discord.


WRITING ADVICE MASTER INDEX · 10:37pm Feb 24th, 2019

Here they are! All of my writing advice posts in a master-index for y'all to scan through, and reordered for slightly better presentation than chronological order.

Writing Advice


COMING SOON: The 5 steps of Writing Anything like a Professional
Revising a Story

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3190067 You're probably right. This war can last for a decade. Both sides still have many people in reserves.

Also, I don't think Putin has the luxury to surrender. He has no choice but to drag this war for as long as he can or his own people would eat him alive.

maybe, but very unlikely. The war will last for a long time (the Russians still have a lot of people and tanks, for their zerg rush) and will most likely only lead to even greater harm to the Russian economy, which will not rid the world of Putin's regime

3190062 Maybe it will end with Putin in a bunker as World War II ended. I just hope we won't need World War III to get to that point.

translation error.

how Russians think ?
it's not a coincidence. Russian patriotic speeches do have quite a lot of parallels with the speeches of the Germans.

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