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I've been writing... · 3:58am Sunday

The dragon was the single-most beautiful thing that Blackbird had ever seen. Gleaming silver-white, its beauty was otherworldly, profound, and after gazing intently upon it, her vision clouded over with tears. The mere sight of it left her feeling peaceful, contemplative, and she was filled with a curious calm that she had not known since she was quite small. Her mood was such that she began to weep; the sheer dreadfulness of this wretched trip leaked from her eyes and soaked her

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Well, if you ever do start your own IP please let’s us know. I think your writing is just as good as any published fiction author.

I’m curious, just how much do you write in a month a where do you find the time or energy for it? Some of your stories are long enough to be published as complete books, or series of books, if that’s even allowed or possible for fiction based on intellectual property owned by a company.

Do you write anything besides MLP fiction? Ever thought about starting your own IP? You certainly have the talent for it.

Hello kudzuhaiku I've started to make audiobooks for The Sun Also Suprises on YouTube and I plan to make videos for all of the weedverse I know it's a bit unorthodox but it could be easier for some.

Is the chase done or will there be another chapter soon?

Okay, thank you! Currently trying to read the Weedverse in order.

That's it at the moment. It has to be completed so another story can progress.

Sorry to bother, but which stories are you currently working on, aside from 'Down with the Pastryarchy'?

Follow the link in every story description.

Sorry to bother, but where might one find the forum^^`?

That's a thing I didn't know existed lmao. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!

You start by checking the forums and reading the timelines.

How do you read the Weedverse in chronological order?

Have a hug!
Cuz you are one of my favoritest authors here ever!

Change the status of the story so that people won't ask the same question that I asked.

When is your story "The Chase" gonna be continued?

Oof that's a heck of a lot going on. Does it get overwhelming keeping track of all that interconnected web weaving? I know Terry Pratchett started doing more stand alone works toward the end of his career because it was getting harder to keep track of the behemoth that was Discworld.
That said I'm mostly looking forward to the house of the rising sunflower. A lot of your stories are about taking something abused and putting them in the right conditions to flourish, but something about that story on a town/business scale is especially endearing to me.

Are we ever going to see a new chapter for The Chase? I've been bored outta my mind waiting on a new one T.T .


There are plans.

  • Viewing 888 - 907 of 907
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