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It's late · 6:06am May 17th, 2023

But my brain isn't quiet. I'm stoned out of my goddamn gourd. Don't worry, it is just my usual regimen of drugs. That's how I spent a lot of my time now. Wasted. Doesn't really help with the pain much, but makes it a bit more tolerable. All of my drugs cost over 5 grand a month. That's what it takes to keep me going. I'm in somewhat better shape because of all of it, and there's a few bright spots. My chest pains are mostly gone now, thanks to the heart med. Not having crippling chest pains all

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Missing your tales. Hope you are on the mend.

Hey, hope you're doing well Kudzu. Your stories have gotten me through some tough times.

Hi Kudz,
I hope you are feeling a bit better, or, at the very least, somewhat OK-ish. If not, I'm keeping fingers crossed that things will improve for you soon. :twilightsmile:

Hey I'm currently reading The Chase and loving it still got abt 800is pages left but the story is grand and great so far :3

Hope you’re doing well, Kudzu.

Take all the time you need to recover your strength before coming back, boss. We'll stay here waiting for you.

I've been reading your blogs and saw that you've been through hell the past few years. Just wanted to let you know that your one hell of a person to keep pushing through all that and that your stories are some of the most real and creative I've ever read on here. They have a real life element that no other story I've read can compare to.

I see a mirror between some of your main story characters and you in that you persevere through extremely overwhelming situations. I look forward to seeing you come out on top!

Hey i just wanted you to know how grateful i am for your stories.
Thank you.

And mostly unkillable. Which is how I ended up with the name.

Canopy of leaves
Choking vines and thorns galore
The Scourge of the South

It is still in there. No doubt waiting for Thanos to come and collect.

Survived that kidney stone?

"I stopped working on it because of the subject matter. I was feeling far too suicidal to continue. Funny, eh?

I'm getting better."

I know this comment is from over half a decade ago, but I had to come back to read suicide solutions again. I rarely read at all but it's my favorite story on this entire website. I can understand how hard is is to write about it, especially the end. It's a great way to bring myself back around, and feel something for a bit. I'll forever enjoy the 36 chapters we did get. It's been so long from when I last read it that I kinda get to read it again. Thanks for writing it. I'm not asking you to finish it, but if you did I'd probably cry. The only thing I ask is if you're sure you won't finish it, please don't tell me so I can dream.

Anyways I'll be back in a few years to read it again

Kudzu, Hearse Percy did a thing, and I think you'd appreciate it. It's a Maud Song.

was wondering why you had gone quiet, You were prolific for a long time and then silence. Take your time and get well, I'm sure most of us will be around when you are ready again.

I'm coming for you, 10th place for blogs will be mine.

I hope everything's going well for you, Kudzu, despite the shit show that is going on with the world.

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