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So, how do you say that a character has leveled up? · 4:39am 8 hours ago

As Dim materialised into an unknown situation there was a blood chilling howl. One of the hovels—a mere shack—had been cracked open like a walnut and something large, hairy, and brutish could be partially seen. Dim approached, raising as many spell protections as possible, and rounded the corner of a building with somewhat crooked, leaning walls. Screams filled the night and as Dim cleared the corner, he got his first look at what the ponies of Fancy called loup-garou.

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ickda #880 · Sunday · · ·

Are you okay?
I hope you are. Good luck and be well my friend

I love Dim Dark and Apple sumac but when will we hear about Flicker Nicker?

I want to run...
How you say give Chase!

Sending you a well wish, least well as you can be.

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Do you have any plans to finish PLSS? That was one of my favorite fics on this site and it stopped rather abruptly...

Woot kudzu is subjectively ok:twilightsmile:

Doctor's appointments today. I'm working in the background.

Two days without a peep from kudzuhaiku i hope he’s ok:unsuresweetie:

Comment posted by Marble Didymus deleted March 12th

Oh i was sure that was the refrence. Poo

That isn't where that comes from.

Domination masterbation?

You reffrenced space balls? Going plaid? Lolz

over the years i have seen more than two, that what happens when you are a crazy writer... you can dominate the BOX :trollestia:

Fine I thought it was cool. But kudz be like nbd

You do realize you have two stories in the feature box at the same time right?

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