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A request for the readers · 11:23pm January 30th

The Rainbow Falls train station platform was a bustling place, crowded with ponies. Winter, not yet over, made one final attempt to freeze all of ponykind and the wind that blew was bitter indeed. 'Twas the sort of wind that drove one indoors or made one go home to get warm—but Passable Prose had no home and she wasn't sure where she or her nephew might seek shelter. She had a few bits in her purse, but those had to last as long as equinely possible. 

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

kudzu, question for you-
one of my first introductions to your works was "Princess Luna's Suicide Solutions" I was wondering if it would ever come back or if it's on a permanent hiatus point?

just glad to know you are (with in reason) ok

Sorta. Mostly. Been writing. Suffering from a lack of sleep.

You ok kudzu?

I see. I kinda liked what you did better with her in your stories anyway.

I don't have strong enough feelings to have an opinion one way or the other.

Sorry, I was writing. That thing I do. I have an update that I need to crank out.

Fine I will go.

I am just curious

What do you think of cheesepie cheese x pinkie being canon?

Oh ok cool XD i guess i should have gotten to the point. You do like pinkie right? I kinda like what ya done with her

No worries, mang. I was trying to be silly about it. :pinkiehappy:

Sorry i just assumed because twilight’s name is in the titles of a couple of your fics.....yah never mind. Sorry.

Twilight is my favourite? I was not aware of this...

Hey sorry to bother you but how of curiosity i know twilight is your favorite but how do you rank the other five?

Kudz, I have a grey mare staring at me...I blame you. :rainbowwild:

(also, love the Chase)

The reason I followed you is because you created your profile the day before mine.

While I'm here will you be finishing princess luna's suicide solutions?

  • Viewing 930 - 949 of 949
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