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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.



Early chapter preview · 7:51pm April 2nd

The late afternoon sun was golden in hue and warm upon the withers. Luna, a giant, stood upon the train platform surrounded by those most precious to her, little ponies. Of course, the little ponies came in all sizes, with some of them almost as large as she, so calling them little ponies felt strange at times. Amidst the chaos, there were four small little ponies, who stood in a neat row from tiniest to largest. Almanac Avocado, the tiniest, remained close to Overcast, who was but a

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Big huge God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

Yeah I couldn’t respond to your blog for some reason I don’t know why. But I thought you could use a atta boy. Keep on keeping on. :)

This ended up on my user page. I think it was supposed to go with a blog post. :heart:

Oh, well i’ll engage. Depression and schizophrenia and manic depression are things. That are real things i have dealt with for myself and my family, along with suicidal thoughts and horrible health issues. Sometimes we need help and there is no shame in asking for and getting it.

People aren’t machines. They have hopes fears and dreams and they can be hurt or wounded in both spirit and body and each are important.

Your writing is a wonder and a joy for those of us who read it, and your stories inspire and restore me whenever i read them.

I hope you can find something that inspires you and restores you as well. If you need help, get it! I have and just knowing you are not alone is liberating and sometimes necessary.

Good luck. Peace.

Thanks. :heart:

And welcome back. Don't be a stranger.

Thank you for your horse words, Kudzu. As they helped me through some hard times years ago, they are doing so now once more as I relive the stories and lives of those you have crafted. I am glad to have come back here, and I am glad you too are still here. Stay safe and keep on trucking, Kudzu. Stiff upper lip.

With Regards, Req~

Always here to spread happiness as best as I can.

You deserve a smile :3

Aw, thanks. :heart:

I might've needed that.

You're welcome, friend. You deserve it! :rainbowkiss::heart:

Anypony with a Derpy pfp is awesome in my book. 🤓

Hope that made your day :3

Happy 2021. I hope you are doing better.

I’m glad to see you are alive. Too much death around me lately.

I hope things are well for you.

I have been reading your stories for a few years now. I started off with "The Chase" before reading every bit of of your writing I could find once your nefarious words pulled me in. I now anxiously await each new story and chapter. Your writing, world building, and sense of humor pull me in again and again to read and reread. I just wanted to tell you how positive of an influence your writing has been for me and maybe share some of the happiness your words give me back with you. Thank you so much for sharing these fantastic stories with us.

Is The Chase complete? Or cancelled?

I noticed you stopped following me which honestly is a smart move because my stories suck large amounts of ass and my blog posts are regular trainwrecks.

  • Viewing 947 - 966 of 966
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