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Say my name out loud and double over in laughter.


wow · 8:18am Dec 4th, 2014

haven't been on here in what, nine months?

seems like so long ago

i'm not even in this fandom anymore wow

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say my name out loud and double over laughing

I don't get it. o.o


Hey, Rainey! It's Alexandria from the JN Forums!


Ello ello ello. :D

Hi Luna! It's Rainey from the Jellyneo Forums. Nice seeing a friendly face :twilightsmile:

Let me just say this as a member of the RP you're mentioning: I never had anything to do with the comments, nor do I know why they posted them. But the important thing is that you have two really important supporters on there, and just know that we aren't moving it because of you. There were some other issues because of one of the members just tiring of the way the website was run in general. People can be mean online, but don't let it get to you. If anything, that's why I don't have a social media. People wouldn't have the guts to say those things to you in the real world, so that's why they do it on there. Just know that I support you, and that I think you are a good roleplayer. Heck, you kept the thing running during its moments of hiatus, and that's what really matters: that you came through and did what no one else could.

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