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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.



This story is a sequel to Trixie Lulamoon and the Horrendous Hypothesis

Enter the Dragon is an in between story and is recommended reading.

Princess Twilight Sparkle has a school for gifted foals. Some of them are fantastic. One of them had a Horrendous Hypothesis. All of them will be learning Princess Twilight Sparkle's curriculum for friendship.

An entry in the Weedverse.


Family portrait

The stupid goes flying right out of Sumac's head.


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I read this while it was being written, and it looks like this is going to be a very interesting story! It also looks like it's going to be a long story. Hang on to your plots!

Yes! Finally! I really looked forward to this one.

What? The pygmy dragon is given to the main character?!

Who could guess this was going to happen!? :trollestia:

Spike and Twilight's relationship be weird, yo. Seems like he's the same size as before... he's still described as having his stubbly arms.

But, Sumac is very interesting to see it from. He's a child who acts like an adult... but who is definitely 100% still a child.

All I could think about when there was a goopy dragon crawling on a young boy is: "Hah. Boys love gross things." He probably has Pebble guessed right that she'd like the shell. Probably guessed 100% wrong that she'd like a goopy bug-dragon. :pinkiesmile: Maybe if his bug-dragon was only goopy due to eggs.

It always amazes me how nasty bullies can truly be. I am forever grateful for my parents getting me into excellent schools that didn't tolerate that shit at all.


Spike is still a baby dragon. He's little. He's grown a tiny bit, but not much. Pygmy dragons grow a little faster because there is a lot less of them to grow and they don't live as long as the big dragons.

She won't be so goopy when she is cleaned up. She just hatched. Things that just hatched tend to be goopy.

:moustache: A dragon named after smelly cheese?
:duck: Sumac Apple - poison Apple?

interesting start. . .good reading, , ,Hmmm


Gorgonzola appears in The Weed. Which I can't link to, because is mature, but it is not a clop fic.

You can find it in my story list. Gorgonzola is returning as a character. I, uh, have plans for her.

I guess I'm pretty dense as I don't understand the insult that was directed at Applejack and Big Mac. :applejackconfused:


“You know, Sumac, there is just one thing I can’t understand about you and Pebble… she’s not your sister, Sumac Apple.” Olive let out a shrill, nasal laugh and stared at Sumac, daring him to respond.

It took a moment, but Sumac began to understand the insult given to him. He was young, but he was smart, and it slowly percolated through his brain and the implications of what was being said were painful to think about. He began to have a glimmer of understanding on why Olive said the word ‘Apple’ with so much derision. He thought of Big Mac and Applejack. He felt his blood boiling in his guts and he felt far too hot.

“I’ve heard it said that the real reason why Applejack’s husband left was because Hidden Rose and Ambrosia Apple weren’t his—”

“Shut up!” Sumac shouted.

“—but were actually Big Mac’s. The whole town is laughing about it, Sumac—”

The quiet implication here is, Big Mac and Applejack had foals. Together.

And that Sumac Apple, being an Apple, shouldn't be interested in Pebble, but his sister.


Is it wrong to fall in love with a pygmy dragon so quickly? And yes, somebody who can actually draw needs to draw that photograph, stat!

I hereby put my vote in for Olivia for the dragon name.
"Why Olivia?" asked Olive.
"Because she's immature and doesn't know what she's doing yet, but with care and attention, she will grow into something better."

Great start to this sequal. Aww little Pygmy dragon sounds adorable. Hmm what to name her. Barbs Ben done for female spikes and she's a tree dragon... Hmm. Orange and yellow scales with gliding wings...

Almost want him to name her Tails ala another flying orange character is but something tells me Sumak is to serious for that name.

Well if you haven't picked one yet I vote Pogona or Pog for short. It the Latin, or old equish here, name for a bearded dragon and some of there coloration matches the young tree drakes discription perfectly.


Sumac has a sister?

And I guess I didn't understand because I had forgotten Hidden Rose and Ambrosia weren't Applejack's parents' names.


No. And that's not the point. :ajsmug:

The point is, in the most brutal and simple terms, Olive is implying incest in the Apple family.



Hidden Rose and Ambrosia Apple are the name of Applejack's foals... :applejackconfused:


I don't know. That's a big point to me.


It isn't about you though, it is about Olive and what she thinks. In her mind, from her perspective, Sumac, being an Apple, should be interested in a hypothetical sister. See, because children are cruel and brutal and do awful things. So this is a matter of looking inside of her head.

She doesn't care if Sumac has a sister or not. Not one care given.


Let us pray she never finds out Sumac and Pebble are extremely distant cousins.

This has been a beautiful chapter and I can't wait to see where this goes!

7027447 I'll put it on my to-do list. :raritywink:

7027623 A great start to a great new story--have a follow! :twilightsmile:

I think Olive probably needed the drubbing Sumac was going to inflict. Oh well, teaching moment lost. :rainbowlaugh:

He jerked his head back for a moment, his eyes going wide, and then, after calming down, he resumed his vigil, pressing his nose against the egg.

Ugh Sumac stop being so adorable. I'm not even a mare and I want to kiss you all over. :twilightsmile:

Finally caught up from TLatHH to the in between story and now here.
This is gonna be good! And it takes place in a future of the Weedverse! NEATO!
I'm totes glad I stuck with this and keep my monthly donations. This is better than any video game or novel.

Though I am curious to see how the Weedverse is handing the whole magic is a limited refreshing resource thing. My personal theory is that it might be an evolutionary stop gap. As unicorn magic fades and reduces through each generational watering down threats arise to, ahem, reduce the number of unicorns in the world. So until a "Bucky" comes around and pulls an Ash Tanto this world is in for some serious decline. Or maybe it'll have to evolve like Can'terlot?

Who knows?! This is gonna be great!


I had forgotten that; hence the confusion.

7028432 agree n.n ive kept up my monthly help as well, honestly if it wasn't for kudz id never read the longest story of my life xD
that and thanks to a troll on youtube having a fit about a story on here id never known about this site..

kudz just wanna say thanks for the stories, if it wasn't for them id be doing nothing much with my time, at lest this way im reading and trying
to feel a bit smarter about myself.. Ive always been downed in life since a kid, and ive been bullied a lot because of my learning disabilities,
mostly because my writing and grammar are.. well yeah crap and i cant really express myself.. so i tend to keep things simple and try not to bother anyone even you that's why i always say Ok ill shut up now.. so i don't bother you and make it look like im more of an idiot then i am.. Im not that smart and i want to get ideas across but its difficult for me and it hard to ask anyone to help me sort out my mind because no one really wants to deal with me.. That's why i really don't wanna bug you because i know your busy and well honestly i feel like ill make a fool of myself and have you think im a dumb ass or something lol... thats why i was sorta just cut off on that last message i sent back to you about an Oc of mine because i felt like i was bothing you.. but if i was i am sorry.


Eh, try not to worry so much.

I have a plan for your OC in this story, by the way. I've had to make a few tiny adjustments, but he'll be making an appearance soon. :raritywink:

7029264 I kinda figured he would be a bit more simple to use here. Callos im sure would be difficult to plug in to the chase unless you had to change him a bit to fit which is fine. i kinda made it for him were it might not be possible for him to return from where he came. lol
i guess thats why i wanted him to sorta become part of the family but the sort to keep distance because he feels like he is a bother. xD i mean who really can trust you when you are a child of sombra. >.<

As for Cinnimonfire he has plenty of family problems, but i cant wait to see what you did with him. n.n

The long, noodle-like beast slunk towards its prey, is long body looping,

And another fantastic ride begins, I eagerly await the next chapter! Thank you for writing and sharing :heart:

Kudz this is a great piece of writing, I can't wait to follow the rest of it. It's been awesome to watch your writing get even better than it was!

“Why do ponies have dragon eggs?” Sumac asked.

Well, when a pony and a dragon love each other very much, they - ow. *swatted with a newspaper* ._. ...I'll be good. Promise.

I'm excited for this.

Solid start. I'm excited to see where this goes!


There is a vast universe here... The Weed, Venenum Iocus, Trixie Lulamoon and the Horrendous Hypothesis, and Enter the Dragon. There is lots of back story leading up to these events.

Enjoy! :heart:

Pebbles and Boom Boom? :)

Just how much was Pebble whining for Pinkie to tell her she's doing it too much?

And... yep. The dragon is given a pets name. :facehoof:

But, then again, from the dragons we have informal names of, it's not actually out of the ordinary. Garble? Fizzle? Spike and Boomer are hardly out of place.

It's just... ponies named them, though.

A name I seems actually rather masculine? It's not definitely masculine but...

That was adorable


Do you actually think Pebble was whining? :derpytongue2:

Something must be wrong with our dear kudzu. So much cuteness, and love and adorablenesseses in one single story, and none was maimed so far ! How´s that even possible !? Usually, by this time, half of Ponnyville would have been killed, reanimated by a necromantic spell, Trixie would lose at least 3 limbs, and Sumac would be scarred for life while his cute mark in monster slaying would appear, while boomer would cry for him not leave her...


Lol a dragon with fire cracker crap? hahah nice! You know once she gets bigger the might crap out grenades.. that could be scary hahah


Rated E, for Everyone.


As we shall soon learn, a primary ingredient in dragon poo is ammonium nitrate.

This is a powerful fertiliser. Also, it has amazing explosive properties.

It is how dragons in the wild get more gems. They pinch a loaf down inside of a crevice of a mountain, breath fire, blow up a big hole, and then pick through the rubble for tasty gemstones.


7032424 I see that cool to know n.n i know Potassium nitrate can be used in similar way for KNOX rocket fuel Or as some would call it candy rocket fuel. Seen some cool results from video of people who have made the stuff apparently you mix part sugar with it as well assuming you have the right % mixed and go from there cooking the sugar down. Seen a few rockets go boom before getting in the though.. air bubbles.. lol

7032424 I like that idea--well thought out. :twilightsmile:

Awww.. Boomer sounds cute :) I think Pebble will learn to appreciate her Auntie Pinkie soon enough, and Pinkie will learn better how to relate to her niece's, she just needs to learn how different from others Pebble is. Also I'm gonna guess Trixie's wagon is next to the Friendship castle, or at least on the grounds


Trixie lives in a wagon down by the river. :trixieshiftright:

damm you for getting the image of a sweaty overweight stallion motivational speaker in my head!

With Pinkie's ability to read her relatives? I wouldn't be surprised if Pebble offhandishly commented more than once and Pinkie could tell she was unhappy.

Little Boomer is cute cute, yes!

I bet Pepperdance is a sergeant in the royal guard, right? :rainbowlaugh:


Isn't that a major component of a lot of animals' fecal matter?

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