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Friend needs help · 3:44am August 20th

Hey people,

I have a friend who needs help. He's name is Neko-Me and he's the artist who does my work for me (look up Where is My Love? art and you will see his work). Thing is, he needs more commissions since commissions is how he makes money for him and his family... if anyone wants a commission, or knows anyone that needs one, please follow this link and contact Neko-Me

This Link Here

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2257529 Not denyin' that.

... I like Kurapika most... Super-powerful Nen abilities... but only on the Spiders. :D

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best anime/manga IMO

Random thing to comment, but it is only now that I know the face of your avatar.

Gon Freeces... Never tick that kid off. Hard to truly do, but... well, see the paste that used to be Pitou.

Are you going to continue the Longingverse?

Thanks for the favorite!

  • Viewing 130 - 134 of 134
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