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Current Timeline in the main AU / S1 story order.

This group is dedicated to the GoldenVerse AU, and all stories in that AU.

Currently in Season 1 Of GV.

Anyone can write for the AU, just put it in the submission folder, and drop a line in the forums if you want it to be MainVerse, Side Continuity, or Misc.

MainVerse: Connects with the GoldenVerse main timeline, or doesn't conflict with the story too much.

Side Continuity: Aren't really part of the main AU, but I don't want to say a person's work isn't "canon", so I'll have side continuity for AU's of the AU. Whether better than, or euqal to the Main timeline, it either conflicts with the MainVerse, or I don't feel resonates with the main continuity.

Although I will say if enough fics are connected to a SC fic. Then it'll get it's own folder and be it's own side canon branching from the main story line.

Misc: Not really tied to anything but the AU in general. Fluff fics, Random ships, one shots, or just for fun fics. Will be branched out from Mature [clop] and normal [Everyone / Teen]. Anything and everything can get in here. Some can even become "canonized" even if not directly tied to any continuity.

Submission: Please put all stories here. And Go here to let me know where you want it.

Rules of the AU:

- Each Season on the show is 1 year of time. And Golden Wings [book 1] takes place 3 months after Twilight ascends to alicornhood (So the Plunderseed event already passed.). Any fic taking place before Golden Wings can still take place in the Main Verse. But if enough pop up a folder for S 0 might pop up for all fics taking place before S1 of the GoldenVerse.

- Rainbow Dash isn't going to be adopting Scootaloo, but has still risen to the challenge of being her honorary sister. Lots of possibilities for fluff, and sisterly bonding.

- As of Book 2 [Golden Crusade] Scootaloo has the ability to cast magic with her wings. [Cutie Mark Pending].

- Current canon ships: VinylTavi, LyraBons, HollyDoo, DinkyMango.

- Blue Blood isn't a villian (As shown in the pending fic. Blue Moon), but he is a troll to the public at large / bit diggers. But to his family and friends, he's rather thoughtful and decent. And he's a secret lover of gaming (Cadance, himself, Fancy Pants, and Cipher Splash have a monthly game of Ogres and Obliques up and running (Cadance: Cleric, Eld'Mare[Light Elf]: Female; Fancy Pants: Rogue, Moori [BatPony]: Male: Cipher Splash: Sorcerer Dun'Mare [Dark Elf], Male: Blue Blood: Fighter, Pegasi [Mare].]

- Shipping, that's going to be canon eventually / is building up: TwiXiLestia; LunaDropKicker; PipBloom; ScootaBelle. More to come later as the fans pick the rest for who goes with who. Although Spike's will be descided in Types of Love.

- Twilight and Celestia are going to adopt Spike [Somewhere in Types of Love]. And Luna is a very excited, and adorkable Aunt.

- Diamond Tiara is apprenticed for Luna's Day Time Assistant.

Past that. Anything else will be in the canon list.

Canon OCs:

- Black Monk: Ponified Adrian Monk. Book Character. Tan coat, Black Fro [like Pinkie Pie's mane and tail]; Brown Eyes; Cutie Mark: a magnifying glass Inside a box.

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