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The AU started by my story "All Hail Princess Fluttershy," and will include stories for all the mane six as my take on how the princess thing COULD have worked. I, ChangelingQueenDragonfly, will write the main stories, but anyone can write a sidestory. (Look in my blog post All Hail Princess Fluttershy, the Princessverse, and Sidestory openings! for more info)

The order the mane six will ascend:

Rainbow dash
Pinkie Pie

Each will have their own way of becoming an Alicorn,(or in one pony's case, revealing they are one) and I hope you are exited to fin out!(Also find out who is already an alicorn--and no, it's not Twilight.) But seriously, if you really want to know, it's Rarity.

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Oh, and now an NSFW group as well! Lovely!(BTW what does NSFW even stand for?)

Just wondering- why is a group called "transformers univese" listed as "similar" to this group? They have NOTHING in common.

If anyone wants to make a side story, they are welcome to!

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