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A pretty good artist, likes to write but is not THAT good

I'm ChangelingQueenDragonfly!

Or just Dragonfly for short. I write stories. I might even write MLP stories.(how shocking)

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Still not dead... Yet haha · 2:11pm May 6th, 2017

Where has my motivation gone? Who knows. Maybe if I didn't keep forgetting about this altogether, I'd have no problem. Oh well.
I'll try to write more but no promises.

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Thanks for the fav!

Thanks for faving "Dis Place Needs A Star!", I would appreciate it if you would leave a like and let me know what you enjoy about the story!

1992731 Are you referring to Chaotic Double? I recently revoked its submission in order to work on the next three chapters. Consider it a clean slate.

Thanks for the faves on "A Merciful Way", "Stillborn" and "Strange Angel". (Mmm...sweet love. I feed off of it like a changeling.)

1992190 You're welcome! Except I looked on your page and didn't see any of your stories that I had favorited...

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