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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! · 3:46am Dec 26th, 2017

Title says all - have a blessed Holiday everypony! :3

Stories I'm considering reading on Youtube!

Please consider reading these awesome stories!


Kiki03000 needs to update: IMPORTANT: I need editors (and a few collaborators) for all my stories please! · 7:08pm Nov 22nd, 2016

Hey, guys! I was wondering if I could have editor/s for all of my stories, and collaborators for a couple of new ones I'm making! :) I would like to get a few of them featured, and I want to read them on Youtube like I was supposed to last month. I would like them to be almost perfect! XD

There is now no deadline! If you do want to help, please PM me so I can unlock my Google Doc links for you! ;D

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Report Kikio3000 · 147 views · Story: The Phoenix mentors ·

Places to find me on/places to subscribe to me on! :D

Deviant Art Photo Album that I'm starting to fill!

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Thank you for the follow and the many bookshelfs you put my story in:twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding "The Reunion" to your favorites and for the follow - it means a lot.
I hope you continue to enjoy my writing.
Thanks for your support!

Thanks for the favorite and follow, I guess?

Thanks for adding my stories to all seven of the folders you have!:scootangel: Especially the Month of Macabre one:pinkiehappy:! I really did not expect somepony to add my story in that folder:rainbowderp:! Come to think of it, I didn't realize there was a flader for that at all:pinkiegasp:! This is the most alerts that I've got since I started this story:raritystarry:!

I do have just one question though...why did you add my story to the Month of Lurve folder:rainbowhuh:? Does it have something to do with the little scenes with Sheton and the Crusaders? Especially Scootaloo:ajsmug:?

Thanks for the many favorites. :).

  • Viewing 583 - 587 of 587
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