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Generation 5 is coming soon, and we need some fanfics for it now, before it´s officially out! This is a contest for stories about the main 6-in Gen 5! Because it is not yet out, there are almost no limitations or rules except for they must be rated E or T and these simple Gen 5 rules:

Submissions due the day the first episode of My Little Pony Generation 5 comes out! That gives you all plenty of time for coming up with an idea, and going through the whole process!

Twilight Sparkle is now an Earth Pony.
Rarity is still a Unicorn.
Rainbow Dash is still a Pegasus.
Fluttershy is now a Unicorn.
Pinkie Pie is now a Pegasus.
Applejack is still an Earth Pony.
Plus other physical features, like Rainbow Dash having bigger wings, Rariry having a different hair color, the more furry hooves, and other things like that. Look at the banner for reference.

A big thank you to all who join, and have fun writing!

Please PM me if you would like to help judge this contest.

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I know, but I want us to try to guess what it will be like.

Soon enough I can see alot of fan fictions for gen 5.

Youre welcome! I typed this on different server. :yay:

Thanks for the info, I'll try my best to follow the rules.:twilightsheepish:

Yes, but because this is Gen. 5, not 4, it would be best if they could have a slightly different personality from Gen. 4. We may be shooting in the dark about the truth, but at least we´re shooting.

I was wondering, are we allowed to put other characters into our stories (such as Discord for example)

Thanks guys for joining!

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