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Baloons, anyone? · 1:02am Last Wednesday

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I shall do so. And ask My Sister Tia about that, too.

Could you create a fanart image of my OC? Here is the information and if people ask, tell them that Smashmaster asked you to make it.
The alicorn had a dark blue coat with star-like dots all over, a blue mane with thin green strips, a fiery orange tail, mud-brown bat wings, a snow-white horn with a watery-blue swirl with and rainbow colored eyes.


The watch is appreciated, luv!

Thanks for watching, and yeah, that is kind of a similar username!

Let me know when the fan art is done. I can’t wait to see it.

I actually already discussed it with him. But if you still want to ask, I won’t stop you.

Okay, nice. Well, I can at least talk with the writer for a cover image.

Because I have seen many fanart images of ponies other than the mane 6 with rainbow power and thought that it would be interesting to have them with rainbow power as well.

I probably can. Just let me read it first for more context. Time to start some reading! :twilightsmile: But why exactly do you want that?

Are you able to create fanart of spike and his five new best friends in the story “Spike’s turnabout” with rainbow power?

i don't know. Probably when inspiration hits. Okay, just hit! Writing story in 120.. 119...

When's your next story coming

Story Approver

Thanks for the follow. :heart:

Comment posted by The Half Brony deleted February 14th
  • Viewing 67 - 86 of 86
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