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"We don't assume species either." ~Jaiden Animations, "Happy Birthday Ari!"

Stuff I Love (No Specific Order)

Just a warning; there will be...

Here we go. :3

Facts about Meh

*I'm a girl, but I don't mind if you accidentally mess up my gender.
*I'm from Amurica, yet I love to misuse grammar. :P
*Trust me, I barely make sense. :P
*I frequently get writers block, so if I say "this story will come out tomorrow!" It might mean it'll come out next week. :twilightsheepish:
*OMGeh, I love this song and animation!!

*If your feeling down, come to me and I can try to cheer you up~! :3
*I sometimes do things by mistake but they work out perfectly anyways. :P
*I can be a ego-maniac at times; if I am, just let me know and I'll stop. *I hate ego-maniacs*
*I still go to school.
*I like to PM with people, but after a while, I get sidetracked and stop. :twilightsheepish:


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I'll come back now and then but don't expect much k bye.

Summer Melodie, my Ponysona

Just an FYI...my OC is a unicorn, but I'm fine with however people wish to draw her. Any style is fine with me because I'm 110% sure they'll all be amazing!)

NixWorld made this for meh! Her name is Summer Melodie, and she is my ponysona. (I think that's what it's called...) If your reading this, Nix, thanks again! I can't thanks you enough! :3

:pinkiegasp: Here's another one that CookieDo drew for meh!

Thanks so much, Cookie, she is 100% adorable in every way! :3 Cannot thank you enough, either!!

Here's something I asked FairyRave to draw me! So adorabu! And in Gravity Falls style! :D :D :D (Love that show so much!!!)

A very cute and simple (but I still love it) drawing of Summer by Celestial Nightstorm! :3 Thanks again, Celestial! :D

Celestial made another! :D It's their OC bro-hoofing my OC! Such sweetness and adorableness. /)^3^(\

Hey! You're going to follow these people, right? You better! They are amazing artists! :3


Musicals · 5:58am Feb 20th, 2018

Hi so my palios introduced me to Hamilton, which then lead to Be More Chill & Dear Evan Hansen (I'm working on listening to the former 2 cause Hamilton's dominating everything). Now literally everything I read, look at or even IF I start spacing off, I hear them songs.
🎵And I'm making this up as I go🎵
🎵She takes his hand....🎵
🎵I'll shut my mouth and let you run the show! Would that be good for You? Would that be good for You? You. You.🎵

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Holy shit, you were the second person to comment on my user page! Just, ya know, thank you.

Pftsh. This is DEFINITELY a fake account---

Reads blogs

OMFG, it IS you! WTF. I couldn't tell if you were really a Brony/Pegasister. Oh well, have fun doing what you love... Not like saying that would change anything:applejackunsure: *smack lips* kay. I'll go away now... Any minute... kay...


Author Interviewer

Did you take all your readings down? :(

Jaiden, is that you?

Comment posted by Zubric deleted Nov 25th, 2017
  • Viewing 422 - 426 of 426
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