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*I'm a girl, but I don't mind if you accidentally mess up my gender.
*I'm from America
*If your feeling down, come to me and I can try to cheer you up
*I'm in college
*I try my best


Redesigns · 5:39am May 18th, 2020

I hate how you have to have a link to an image like just like us file upload, gotdamn.

Anyways! My friend and I wanted to redesign the main 6, even th the show's already over lmao. Anyways, I thought it'd be cool to share my 3 since I like how they turned out. Here are some redesigns, posted on a different website b/c :))))


Pinkie Pie

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Summer Melodie, my old Ponysona

NixWorld made this for me! Her name is Summer Melodie, and she's my ponysona.

Here's something I asked FairyRave to draw me! So adorable! And in Gravity Falls style! :D

A very cute and simple (but I still love it) drawing of Summer by Celestial Nightstorm! :3 Thanks again, Celestial! :D

Celestial made another! :D It's their OC bro-hoofing my OC!

Hey! You're going to follow these people, right? You better! They are amazing artists! :3

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That's what JAIDEN ANIMATIONS would say

I'm a huge fan of her work and think she's hilarious. XD
I had a feeling you weren't her, though. No offense meant. It just didn't really....sound like her. Idk. Lol I'm rambling. XD

awww, y'all are sweet but i'm not her at all. I wish tho-

What gave it away, if you don't mind me asking? (because I don't wanna go through 600 blogs to try and figure it out)

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