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Short Stories


After getting free tickets by Celestia for a famous game show and realizing they haven't hung out for months due to their busy schedules, Twilight convinces the rest of the gang to get on with her and try it out.
"It will be fun," she said, "simple as pie", she said.
She was wrong.

Chapters (2)

While accompanying Sweetie's big sister to find a spot for Rarity's Philidelphia Boutique, the CMC see a news report about a suicide that had taken place later that day. Rarity and locals call it 'suicidal', but as the amount of said suicides start to pile up gradually, the three can see that something definitely isn't right.

Made for the CMC Murder Mystery Contest [#3]
Written before the CMC get they're cutie marks/cutie shirts.

Chapters (3)

For the last test of the school year, Twilight receives a C.

It ultimately ruins her perfect 4.0 average she's been holding ever since kindergarten.

The lengths she goes to to fix this problem are--well, let's just say she should have stuck with the C.

Meant for my One year Fim-a-versary
All chapters proofread and edited by the amazing TheShippingJR! :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (4)

Twilight wakes with no memory of what happened last night. Or what she and her friends went through during the past two years. Or her friends.

As Spike looks to try and find a solution, he finds the other girls are nowhere to be found. The only help he gets is from two of the three members of the CMC. As they draw closer to figuring out who could have possibly caused Twilight amnesia and reversing everything, a different threat draws closer and closer, waiting for the right time to strike.

Featured 6/4/16 :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (20)

This story is a sequel to How to Cure the Feather Flu

Twi and Rainbow agreed to tell all their friends about their love for each other ASAP. Rainbow did it in ten seconds flat. Twilight--unfortunately--was busy...

When an old friend comes to Ponyville to tell Twi her feelings for her, Rainbow gets enraged in jealousy, challenging Twi's old friend to a contest for Twi's heart. The friend accepts, to Twilight's dismay.

The contest is slowly making Twilight go crazy... Will they get the hint before she freaks over their shenanigans?

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Oil

Twilight, Tin Pinkie, and Applecrow take a shortcut through The Everwild Woods, one of the most feared places in all of Ooze.

It's not like they have a choice, though. Blazing Sun has caught wind of Twilight's reformation plans. Not if she can help it...

Story 4 of 6

Chapters (1)

Curious what other dimensions and worlds there are, Twilight decides to make a portal that will take her through many different dimensions before returning home. The first stop? A world called Ooze.

It definitely reminds her of a movie she once saw...

Story 1 of 6.

Chapters (1)

At Rarity's insistence, Twilight hesitantly accompanies her to a week-long fashion seminar event in Trotsboro. While there, they encounter old friends and rivals, and run afoul of an old enemy, and a conspiracy that could threaten all of Equestria.

Collab with Lightning, Cover Art by Infinity. You must go follow them!! If you don't it'll be the worst. Possible. Thing!

Set before Season 5 Finale.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to The Magical World of Ooze

On her journey to the Wizard of Centuries, Twilight runs into Applecrow, who helps her get her mind around Oz's strange yet endearing magic.

Story 2 of 6.

Chapters (1)

Twilight thinks Starlight is Starswirl's daughter. Spike thinks she's crazy. Starlight seems hesitant when asked about her father.



Chapters (1)
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