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Do you think your story is good, but needs more ratings? Don't know why you are disliked to hell? Can't find any more polite ways to self-promote your story? You're in the right spot.

Welcome to Authors Helping Authors

We have a folder for your stories. But this isn't just your typical place the story in the folder and hope for the best. This is Author Helping Authors, this isn't just self-promotion, its self-promotion with a purpose, for this group has two Golden Rules.

You review, you can promote.

If you are reviewed, it is recommended you review the other author's story.

Members that review the stories in this group will get to ask the people they've reviewed to review their own stories (if they have any) and those people are obligated to review them. That way everybody has a higher chance of getting more readers, ratings if the reviewer likes their fic, or at least an opinion of how people think of one's fic.

Congratulations to Prolet and his story A Hole in the Sky, for wining the Five-Hundred Member Fic Contest! Go give it some love!

Reviewing Rules
This is how it works. Author A and B are both members of this group, and know by checking the member list that either author is a member, with their stories submitted into their folders. Author A reviews B's story. A fills out this form:

This review is brought to you on behalf of the group: Authors Helping Authors
Name of Story: Eg. Inky Jay's Awesome Adventure in Equestria
Grammar score out of 10 (1 is grammar that needs to be worked upon as basic principles such as capitalization and spelling is an issue, and 10 is impeccable): Example. 8
Pros (list three pros)
Example: Its premise was a delightful spin on the Human in Equestria genre.
The OC is energetically developed.
It was hilarious.
Cons (list three cons)
Example: You have some issues with advanced grammar and capitalization
You tend to get wordy at times.
I thought Twilight was slightly out of character when she went crazy
Notes Section (how you can improve your fic, at the very least an elaboration of Pros and Cons section)
Example: I think you may want to try to give more reason for Twilight's descent into stress mode. Possibly try to involve Inky Jay a little more. I like how wordy you get, but sometimes a simple sentence shall suffice in certain situations, such as the romantic scene between Inky and Rainbow Dash. As for the advanced grammar and capitalization, I would be happy to point them out in a private message and would recommend you to a proofreader for future reference.
Enjoy your review! Please help me out by looking at my story/ this story: Example. Vren55 in Canterlot

And posts it in the COMMENTS SECTION, of Author B's story. Author A also likes and favs Author B's story because he wants to.

Now what does Author B of this group do? Well, he is obligated to respond with a similar review. If he's busy Author B tells Author A's that he is busy and then later reads Author A's story and fills out the form again. Because he find's Author A's story interesting, Author B likes and fav's the story.

In the end both struggling authors authors gave each other likes/favs and reviews. At the most Mr. Struggling Author, you'd get to have one more person read your story, that's ONE MORE VIEW!!! Possibly ONE MORE FAVORITE or ONE MORE LIKE!!! And if your story doesn't get another favorite or like, at least you'd know what is wrong with it and you'd get to see a possibly better example of a good story. That my friends, is the purpose of this group and if you agree to all these conditions, to review when you've been reviewed, JOIN!.

Regulations and Punishments
We do not tolerate bashing in this group. We're trying to help each other. If there is any problem about a review in this group from another group-member, send a PM to me or Inky with a link and I will caution that member. If he or she does not after 3 times, clean up his or her act, he or she will be banned.

Additionally, you are OBLIGATED to reply to reviews and give counter-reviews! I don't know if I can enforce this rule, but if I catch you I will begin to pester you. If you are busy, reply comment and at least let the reviewer know you're busy. Think about all the authors who've taken precious time to review you, but got absolutely nothing out of it.

Also, if any 'story help' or please give me a review threads are posted, they must be about a specific aspect or portion of the story that the author is particularly concerned about!

Can someone please review vren55's adventure in Equestria?

Can someone look at vren55's Adventure in Equestria and specifically check the characterization within the story? I'm not sure if this self-insert is done badly.

Any future 'story help' or 'please review my story' threads that are deemed too general will be deleted by the admins without prior warning!

Finally, don't add stories you haven't written to the folders. It's not respectful to the author who has written the story, neither is it fun for other seeking a counter-review and then reviewing those stories, then finding out that they aren't getting anything in return because the author hasn't joined the group and hence isn't bound to our rule system.

Places you Should Visit and Things you Should Do After You've Joined
After you have joined, you should check out the Forum for the Introductions and SELF PROMOTIONS thread. Additionally, do immediately add your story to the folders. As this is an in-group activity, we do not review any stories not within the folders until further notice. Do try to ask people to join so that they can add their stories to the folder.

Have no idea what to do if you got a review or have no idea how to give one? Read this: Founder's Advice: How to Give and Use Criticsm.

Who in Equestria founded this group and who runs it? Meet your admins here, as they are interviewed by our co-founder Inky Jay.

If you happen to have not published your story yet, or only have it in the idea stage head over to School for New Writers! They've got people to help you make your idea into a story (do make sure to return here though to promote your story). And if you are still struggling, head over to Struggling Authors.

Additionally, if you want continued discussion on your fic that you can always check up on, head over to our sister group, Indie Authors Unite. There you can post a forum thread specifically about your fic for other people to talk about outside of a review.

And a sincere thank you to the awesome site admin Wanderer D featuring our group in his monthly group report! He also has several excellent "How to" guides that are funny and extremely useful as they consult multiple experienced authors on this site.

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I'm allowed to create links to forums on my stories here right? I just did and I need to know if it was the right thing to do.

Comment posted by B0T_Sie deleted January 22nd

Hey. So.... I'm gonna try my hand at writing a clopfic, but I feel like if it don't have some help, it's gonna take forever write. Is anyone available to help out? The clopfic is going to introduce some foalcon, futanari, and some watersport fetishes so if you are squeamish about this kind of stuff, its oki. If you are interested, my discord is @.bignatethegreat

I hope you see you there so we can get to writing.

Well I'm not very good at stories but I am pretty good at making up characters

Sent you a message btw^^

I have a few stories that could use a good once-over by a reviewer, Is anyone interested?

I just joined this group and I'm willing to review someone's work. Would anyone like to trade reviews with me?


Greetings, I'm a new writer (kind of) who needs help in creating dialogue of the separate mane 6 as they are interrogated by humans. For one of Equestria's puppets has attacked the remaining survivors of the Free World after WW3, the mane 6 were sent to investigate what is happening at the human fort. But they got captured and are now being interrogated. I can handle the human parts but my partner who usually does the pony part is currently going through some emotional trauma, and I need help for creating dialogue for them. You can read the entire story Survival of the Free World, or I could shorten down what has happened.

For a stable line of communication, DM me on Discord:

not a war criminal#8849

Hi, new pony here. I need some help with the first chapter of my first story/clopfic. Can anyone help?

hello I'm new here and i would like help with my first story i have some done all ready but i need help with spacing and word choice.

Hey guys, i just placed my fanfics in the folders that they go in. And i would like to promote myself and my work but i dont want to be like Trixie and showoff my writing talent.

Comment posted by Hanna245 deleted Jan 31st, 2022

need help with idea's and punctuation this is the story i,m doing the human vrn of pinkie pie goes from nice to insane because she lost her friends and broke the mirror in the pony world after pony pinkie from cupcakes throws her in and over time pony pinkie learns friendship again to use her pinkamena side for good instead of evil by becoming friends with the human mane six while human pinkie uses a double sided axe and murders the ponyfolk in ponyvile at the end i,m ganna have a battle of the good vs the bad pinkamena NOTE: all i have seen is seasons 1-5

Hello there, i'm the noob who's looking for help. I need somepony to read my story before i publish it, cuz i don't know if i got something wrong with grammar or punctuation (English is not my native language y'know). So... I will appreciate any help i can get here.

There's couple of things you'll need to read my story

1. Be honest and objective (If you don't like my story, tell me reasons why)

2. Be atleast 16 years old (I'm writing a story rated T, with a little bit of rated M stuff)

3. Rate my story (form 1 to 5, how much you can give to my story?)

Message me if you want to help

Comment posted by TheLionNerd deleted May 22nd, 2020

Hello Everypony I need help I am writing a story about the Mane 7 becoming Power Rangers and I can't get any ideas about what to do for chapters 2 thru 5. Can you all help me out, please?

I want to help people with their stories, but I have no stories of my own so they can't help me. Can I use this group to help people anyway?

Comment posted by annonymus deleted May 26th, 2018


proofread and edit the grammars

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