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It all started in 1978... The Korean Peninsula became hot, and so did the Fulda Gap. Tensions were already becoming high as the DPRK Modernization program threatened the South Korean military which went on the offensive. The dominos fell as the Soviets got involved and so did the Chinese, then did the United States and the rest of NATO and her allies.

Everything in Europe was quiet, until tank waves from the Warsaw Pact bulldozed over West Berlin as the NATO forces gave a stiff resistance but ultimately fell. West Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, all fell under the Soviet Armored might, but at a steep cost. As Europe fell and the British Isles again being the last lifeboat of Democracy in Europe, NORAD had what one might call, a miss input. The screens rang red as the personnel were panicking and the use of Nuclear Retaliation has be authorized, but none of them knew it was a storm that tricked their sensors.

With a sudden nuclear attack from NATO, the Soviet Union returned the favor by unleashing the entirety of it's nuclear arsenal, NATO did the same. One by one, every major city became nothing but ash. What's left of NATO, pulled it's resources together to make a portal to transport Humanity as scientists estimated that a new Ice Age would be arriving soon.

In a new world, with 600,000 military personnel and only 5,000 civilians, the United States must reform and rebuild in this new and unknown world. 6 years of grueling hell, and now they must deal with the local aliens that inhabit this world, while violently inserting itself into their geopolitical matters.

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Looks interesting! Can't wait to read it later.

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I like it so far. Keep working on it and lets see where you take it!

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Thank you for your comment! You're pfp should be a war crime :]

then simply wait. Don't post chapters unless their a thousand words, at the least, thats the bare minimum an author on this site can do

I came back to see if I had gotten a response, I'd also appreciate my comments not needlessly being deleted, thanks.

Hmm this story reminds a little bit of escalelation 1984 a hoi4 equestria at war submod you didnt by any not gotten any inspiration from it ?

Yes, I took inspiration from it. And one of the devs helped me out on the interrogation chapter!

halt the story my guy, go back and edit the other chapters to be a thousand words, or jus do a rewrite, why you ignorin me my boi, I'd like to edit this to add I'm not tryin to be rude, if thats how I be comin off as, but am tryin to help ya improve as an author

I do see your comments as helpful, but I currently have no idea how to lengthen the shorter chapters due to the fact that I already put what was necessary to make that chapter of the story clear. Basically, those ones are already finished and still wondering if I'm able to put words but all I could really do is make short words longer or take parts of different chapters, mush them together but taking said parts of other chapters, therefore making said chapters shorter for one chapter to be a bit longer.

And also to introduce new readers to make them interested bc its short then it'll get longer as we progress since they get more interested as they read along

very good chapter, I'm waiting for the next one

Thanks! But in my opinion, this chapter was kinda boring since I rushed it at 5 AM and I'm still revising and re-writing this and the next chapter

I’m always a sucker for Cold War stories especially when it has best US Camo, the pictures make it all the better.

very good chapter, I hope the next one comes out

Already looks interesting from the start!

Good to hear, but I can't help but notice the War Thunder profile pictures you keep putting up. It gives me PTSD because I've been through and felt the pain of being on fire in said vehicles. So in other words... GDAOUAASIOUGSAISOAGIIOHAGIOHSIOHSAIGIOHSA

Before she was able to speak again, I signaled Bravo to tranquilize her. As he tranquilized her, we began to call for a heli extract.

Maybe use the term helo instead of heli? It's another way of saying heli or helicopter, sometimes I just cringe at parts like that.

Thx for the tip, my big brain of -200 IQ has been trying to figure out how to use other words for certain things like that. If you manage to see my search history, it would be:

- Thesaurus
- Thesaurus
- Thesaurus
- M16
- Nearest school
- Thesaurus
- Thesaurus

(US Abrams defending a street from the Changelings)

This is the m1a1 or m1a2 variant but whatever, I don't think they even have the First M1 Abrams variant with the 105mm anyways in gmod

M1 variant had 105mm, so did the IMP1 I think, but the M1A1 and later M1A2 had 120mm

Where are you getting those soldier pictures just wondering

Made them myself in source film maker.

A loud crash was heard, it was coming from the Boutique Rarity owned. "What was that?" Luna asked.

Isn't Rarity's boutique somewhere on the other side of town?

Really love the story! I'd say this one is better than the present stories I'm reading since most of them are from people who had left the fimfiction community years ago. Or they were canceled. Keep up the great work!

I sense that the majority of forces are Americans since Europe was the first to be nuked? Also, the UH-1Y was developed in 2001, but I'm guessing you could not have used the Huey's from Vietnam because they did not have the custom skin you wanted? Or there was no UH-1N Model?

since you use a source maker thing

Also, this is an alternate universe where the cold war finally had major combat with U.S and Soviet forces so I guess its possible if the UH-1Y or M1A1 Abrams were produced between 1978 to 1980?

SFM workshop is trash, I had to import the Abrams model from Gmod and I couldn't find any good Huey models in Gmod that would transfer to SFM correctly.

Uhhhh UHHHHH RUDLO6QWPSO5A8ATIAOYO6WUDUD. Funny enough, I don't really know how ponyville is mapped that much, but let's just imagine it was a very loud crash. (Cartoon physics lmao)

The M1 Abrams was made in 1983 but with ww3 starting I guess the US rushed its project? And I plan on stating that the XM-803s and MBT-70s were in service for a short time because the US had to rush tank production. And the UH-1Y thing, let's keep it at its an alternate reality thing

Well yes, most troops are American but the other allied units are given their own F.O.B.s to try and spread out from Fort Liberty. And I was trying to add an after report from the Canterlot attack but the next chapter I'll probably add it so it'll give Humanity a general briefing of the Battle and Specs of the Changelings and the natives. And that after report stated that a mixed unit of Italian and Danish Leopard tanks helped break out a pocket of the Equestrian Royal Guards. Stuff like that to add more unit diversity and a bigger sense of NATO cooperation even after they lose Earth.

No offense, I support humanity but this story is exaggerated, it's like reading a story written by director Michael Bay, severely overcompanied American patriotism soaked in ball-sized testosterone like mountains.>>>>(an example of how I see this story)>>>>

That's the original plan to make it a story and a shit post

So then it's the best and biggest shit I've ever seen (JOKE) >D

Huh. Was this based on the escalation 84 submission for Equestria at war for hearts of iron 4? Also are there going to be any of my fellow canucks in this here fic?

Yes, it was. And some of the mod devs helped me in some of the chapters. And can you elaborate on what Canucks are?

You haven’t heard of the nickname for Canadians? I think it originally came from Vancouver

Ah, I wonder how I never heard of the nickname since I live close to Canada (no no not Detroit anything else but Detroit). Surprising that people in Alaska don't really use that term lmao. Great to see that a person from another country is reading my story!

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"And we'll blame nuclear war on the soviets!" Schmidt added. "OORAH" The Marines cheered.

Laughing. Hard.

I’m not American, but by god was I laughing hard at this.

I swear they think they could take the US without sustaininig heavy casulties on the first attack im gonna laugh at their reaction and if you think about its 30 vs 3 countries since NATO is 30 countries and all of them were powerful

Glad to see we're on the same page

“We are strong and stuff humanity has no chance”

Countries leaders watching the news:

“.303 calibre bolt action hunting rifles and a couple of angry men vs shiny magic pones, griffs and dragons, who would win?”

*cue excited clapping and popcorn eating*

"I wish my dad were here, he'd hope to see freedom thrive as it is now."

America has Its own brand of freedom, one where it “enforces” it. Peacefully of course. With a couple of M4A1 5.56mm Carbines to sort of… “settle the mood” so to speak. Now, give America all of your oil.

Oh, and I’m enjoying this story.

Sometimes you have to sit back and enjoy watching humanity be superior.. I suppose it’s just relaxing in a way.

Best of luck on this shitpost.

Yeah my suggestion got a chapter :D
Also i imagine Celestia ArguIng with them right now also assuming that US and Allies advanced their technology faster because i see that most technology was created in wars apparently :/ we could probably assume that they have the F-22 Raptor in development so not good for them,wait is the Navy still around just wondering cause a fleet of pirate ships vs A US battleship
After constant research i know Reagens trick


Chrysalis made a stupid choice in a situation against an unknown enemy, and she didn't have any prior knowledge and preparation to decide to not attack humans.She didn't had the time to think.

But they are on the other hand are on another level of stupidity. Unlike Chrysalis, they have presented evidence and knowledge that their own advantages are illusions and false and they have time to rethink their choices and strategies,but they don't do it.

Thought,Chrysalis could tell everything to humans and Celestia and Luna,this way buying herself good/better relations

Very good points, but she may not be telling them of the attack because well, she did lose half her kingdom and she of course would want revenge. Maybe just buying her time for both sides to wear each other down so she'll come out on top in the long run.

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