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With the Cold War Escalating, North Korea has decided to start a Second Korean war in 1978. It escalates to a Nuclear War when Chinese troops landed in Hiroshima and Taipei. The United States has dragged the War long enough to hold Europe long enough before they can evacuate the civilians and military personnel from the Soviet Tank Horde before they were glad fully nuked. The Sacrifices of the 23rd Infantry division of what used to be the country of the Federal Republic of Germany. Their sacrifices would not be in vain and would be declared a national holiday within the European Sectors of both what remains of NATO and occupied territories of the now Communist Europe to admire the strength on what they fought with. With the United States in a dire state, they decide to build a portal to another world since they got news that a new Ice Age was coming in from the nuclear weapons. The United States has evacuated 600,000 military personnel and only 50,000 civilians with more on the way. The real situation now was, how were they going to survive and if there were any alien natives to this world.

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Looks interesting! Can't wait to read it later.

Comment posted by Shadowflameking deleted November 14th

I like it so far. Keep working on it and lets see where you take it!

Comment posted by BiasedAmerican deleted November 14th

Thank you for your comment! You're pfp should be a war crime :]

then simply wait. Don't post chapters unless their a thousand words, at the least, thats the bare minimum an author on this site can do

I came back to see if I had gotten a response, I'd also appreciate my comments not needlessly being deleted, thanks.

Hmm this story reminds a little bit of escalelation 1984 a hoi4 equestria at war submod you didnt by any not gotten any inspiration from it ?

Yes, I took inspiration from it. And one of the devs helped me out on the interrogation chapter!

halt the story my guy, go back and edit the other chapters to be a thousand words, or jus do a rewrite, why you ignorin me my boi, I'd like to edit this to add I'm not tryin to be rude, if thats how I be comin off as, but am tryin to help ya improve as an author

I do see your comments as helpful, but I currently have no idea how to lengthen the shorter chapters due to the fact that I already put what was necessary to make that chapter of the story clear. Basically, those ones are already finished and still wondering if I'm able to put words but all I could really do is make short words longer or take parts of different chapters, mush them together but taking said parts of other chapters, therefore making said chapters shorter for one chapter to be a bit longer.

And also to introduce new readers to make them interested bc its short then it'll get longer as we progress since they get more interested as they read along

very good chapter, I'm waiting for the next one

Thanks! But in my opinion, this chapter was kinda boring since I rushed it at 5 AM and I'm still revising and re-writing this and the next chapter

I’m always a sucker for Cold War stories especially when it has best US Camo, the pictures make it all the better.

very good chapter, I hope the next one comes out

Already looks interesting from the start!

Good to hear, but I can't help but notice the War Thunder profile pictures you keep putting up. It gives me PTSD because I've been through and felt the pain of being on fire in said vehicles. So in other words... GDAOUAASIOUGSAISOAGIIOHAGIOHSIOHSAIGIOHSA

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