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This fic, is about a fan of Hazbin Hotel, who made his own Alastor costume for halloween in New Orleans. Unfortunately he never got to go trick or treating, because he ordered the final piece of his costume from the merchant.

Warning: story includes content that may be uncomfortable for some readers.

Disclaimer: I do not own my little pony, the Alastor character, or the art within the story.

I'm mostly making this story because some people (you know who you are) have not written many stories like this, that feature the Hazbin Hotel franchise. So I must take it upon myself to pave the way for more of its kind. I do believe that this may be one of my best works, I’m gonna be working really hard on this. I hope you enjoy.

Enjoy my story, and please give it a like, and follow me for more content on my other stories.

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It feels a bit fast.

It’ll get better as it goes along

Will we ever get to see moments in their past together?

"I'm mostly making this story because some people (you know who you are) have not written a story like this."

Dude. Discplaced, and how it happened, are everywhere on this site. A new one once a day it seems. Or do you mean with this franchise in question?

Hazbin still has 1 episode after like, what, a year and a half? Thats most likely the reason no one else makes stories of it, although the fanbase is REALLY REALLY active, good stuff though.

HHHHmmmmm good

Bro finish one story then go onto the next

4 stories at once? Very ambitious of you. Don't burn yourself out freindo.

I get inspired to make a new chapter, every time I get an idea for one. Which is quite often. That’s how I make so many.

And I also have a captain underpants Displaced story in its first phases.

Hmm, its pacing is a little high and the dialogue bits are conversation bricks with two people speaking in a paragraph.
Makes tracking the comversstional flow difficult.

Oh the non-existent humanity.

Interesting premise all in all.

Here we go again!

Congratz, you got featured! 7th tab down! 12/13/2020

Great work keep it up

Gimme more of my beloved Radio Demon

I WANT MORE I love this story

I like please keep it up I'm looking forward to how far you will reach so please do continue.

Feels a bit fast, but in the long run, I already like it. Especially since it's about about my favorite character of Hazbin Hotel.

Excellent work

"I'm mostly making this story because some people (you know who you are) have not written a story like this."

False, actually. I myself have written a story that features the Hazbin crew.

Also, displaced is one of the most popular forms of story on this site.

Ok, who thinks I’ve nailed Alastor’s personality?

I think you're doing great so far! Can't wait for more, just no unecessary violence and I think you're good.:pinkiehappy:

I began to sing.

The song by TLT is good for the most part, but the main chorus/demon side part just isnt my favourite

Apprently there are social media for the characters are canon.

Oops, I may have deleted a chapter by accident, sorry guys.

Where is it?, I looked through your titles and short summaries and can’t seem to guess where the hazbin people be at, sooo he wins at being the first with an obvious hazbin hotel character, can tell me which one?

Lol some parts kinda made me chuckle :rainbowlaugh:

They all looked towards where the clapping was coming from, only for me to walk into the light, my eyes glowing. “ What a wonderful performance, drama, despair, failure, triumph, wonderful, just wonderful! I enjoyed every minute of it! I haven’t laughed that much since the stock-market crash of 1989, in another world! ” I said with my grin never faltering.

You mean the 1929 stock market crash, comrade? Great depression and all?

Rushed beginning, though considering your other stories not much of a surprise. Better pacing with the other 2 chapters. If you can keep up the pacing with as little time skip as possible might make for a good story.

Ok all fixed. Thanks for the help.

Interesting and aas a might-read, but hoo boy that like to dislike ratio.

I like what you are doing here but try making chapters longer in the future

Wonder how long it'll be until it comes out that he eats Venison... making him a cannibal. Yeah, Alastor is a cannibal.

Also, does he not have a home? Does he not sleep at all and just jumps from shadow to shadow when he isn't scaring interacting with someone?

Ok. This is great! The chapters are a bit short for my liking but no matter. The story is pretty great! Keep up the great work, can't wait for the next chapter!

Ok I just made chapter 4 longer.

Ok, anyone else think I should skip all the way to the gala, let me know.

keep up the good work my man.

Nice work!! :p

Chapters are waaaaaay to short.

-Start reply-

I was greatly entertained! I would love to see you labor away at creating more of this spectacular content for my greedy eyes!

-End reply-

So far little disappointed he's only repeating lines/actions from the cartoon but u should be running out of those soon so hoping that fixes my issue, also curious why rainbow didn't seem to know al, she is pinkies best friend u'd think pinkie would have introduced them especially if al isn't afraid defend pinkie

Mildly entertained so far, would like bit more divergence from the main story but it's a fun read.

I'm just looking at the word counts before reading, and I see that the word counts barely go over 1k. Chapter three only gets to 1.2k. I'm not saying this is bad, but I am offering a bit of constructive criticism. Feel free to have fun with character descriptions, world building, and just drawing things out a little bit to get a more 'meaty' or longer chapter. As long as it isn't too dialogue-heavy (as I have found my own chapters to be recently), your readers will enjoy the slow buildup to major plot events and character building. I too have problems with the longer chapters, but I usually get a good 1.5-2k words when I work on a chapter for a week on and off. That might just be my work pace, but seeing as you posted all your chapters within two days (assuming you weren't working on them before the story was published), that's a great output!

I'm going to read this story and see how it goes, I'm interested to see what its pages contain!

Edit: The story was very nice, and a quick read. It was a little fast paced, but I suspect my own story is as well, so I can't say anything. Good work! :twilightsmile:

I think that's because the show was picked up by a television network, but I could be wrong. Helluva Boss has two episodes, though!

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