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Luck? I don't need it, I just need everyone else's to plummet while I'm around.


This was my first convention and I chose to go as Estarossa from Seven Deadly Sins. I met the merchant and got the Rebellion blade I was missing for a rather cheap price, I didn't expect the rumors to be true about people disappearing, not that I'm complaining.

Will cross over with Sleepybear's story https://www.fimfiction.net/story/463422/monspeet-the-curse-of-silence. Taking place in the same world, but still separate stories that will cross over every now and then.

Holy shit! Featured if only for a few minutes!
Featured again!
Featured... I don't know how to respond given the timing of this...

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Next story is the Kingdom Hearts crossover, which keyblade(s) should the MC use? Oblivion and Oathkeeper, Fate Rebellion, End of Pain, Keyblade of Hearts (and it's other unknown, but implied half), One Winged Angel, or Way to Dawn (and maybe it's fan made counterpart Path towards Dusk).

I really need more of this fic

i updated, but it's not showing in latest unless I click on it, is that a bug?

you were able to read the new chapter right?

I am going to start reading it now

If you need any help just let me know

I love this story. I don't feel weak cool

It would be best just to remain as the base character you were Displaced as, only get other powers/weapons from by meeting other Displaced, but choose wisely of whom you meet or allow into your story. Choosing the wrong displaced or allowing too many can ruin the character or the story.

He will stay Estarossa for the foreseeable future, but as he said, he can't exactly tell just anyone who and what he is. The biggest change will be whether or not he turns into Mael and/ or absorbs other Commandments or Graces. Aside from a few references here and there (Osmium throne: Destiny) the story won't crossover with anything else and will likely stay as Estarossa until something strong enough to warrent such things to happen.

Since Estarossa is really just a brainwashed Mael and I even mentioned it in the third chapter, it's not out of the question for him to change back under the right circumstances.

As for the post you responded to, that's just a question as to which keyblade(s) that MC of the next story should use, a question that still has not been answered to this day. It will have nothing to do with this or the other story.

Definitely interesting so far. Character interaction hasn't felt too artificial or forced, which is common with displaced fics, so props on that. Estarossa is an interesting character to choose for his displacement, given his abilities. All in all, I'm intrigued, and looking forward to future chapters!

Thank you, I want to do other displaced eventually featuring Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia), Orphen (Orphen), Sasuke or Madara, and Jack of Blades (Fable)

While i am biased, I think a Jack of Blades displaced story would be very interesting. Jack is an interesting, yet dark character with some seriously powerful abilities, so it would be fun to see what kind of mischief someone with his abilities would get up to.

Debating whether or not to have him as the villain or the troll that walks up to all the other villains and says 'BITCH PLEASE'.

Tirek: You ponies make this too easy for me, the world will be mine in no time

Jack slows time, goes berserk, summons the spectral swords, uses multishot on his bow (he's supposed to be a master at everything so he should have a bow), uses his multi swing (cant remember what it's called), unleashes every attack and dashes towards him thrusting the Sword of Aeons into Tirek's chest

Jack: Is this... Still too... Easy for you?

I'm guessing two of the equestria's are 'Fall of Equestria' & 'TCB'?

TCB, Endverse, and Female supremacy taken too far to name a few

A few specific ones are Snapped, The Scent, Ending (and it's sequels), Appearance of a new, Rise of the Conquerer (I think one was called), and Embodiment of Rage where at least one of the things said happens in each one

Wanted to see if people could give specific names

Also I'm a fan of The Seven Deathly Sins. I just watched the 1st episode of season 2. That season is the only one that is not dubbed, if you don't count the side story of Ban not being dubbed.

Faust: This is technically your fuck up, your problem. I want to see this play out

Can't wait til the next chapter. Also my character Willight Robinbine from My Little Sweetie Dashie will become a displaced soon. So suspect my displaced token, because that story is an self-insert one.

Sorry about that. Also, there is a hurricane that coming to my home-state(South Carolina) in a few days. It's Hurricane Florence and here is the link to the tracking of it.

Good luck, though chances are none of my stories will crossover with others. I like to keep things simple.

Well, I'm happy with what Jack did. Also great chapter.

I Started to read your fic, so far delicious :moustache: :rainbowkiss:


I have a feeling Estarossa ( the real one) will try to kill Mael :v and Jack

"Ponies being the 'Master race' or the 'Perfect beings' and mindlessly slaughtering or enslaving other races, you or your sister fucking up badly and making an enemy out of the wrong guy after inflicting every kind of pain on them for years, or your subjects doing so for no other reason than not being a pony. There are 6 alternate Equestrias I can think of that your enemy is more than justified, in those a person either leaves to come here willingly or is taken from their homes sometimes by you and enslaved, wrongfully imprisoned out of paranoia, experimented on, tortured, even raped and killed. Luna usually doesn't learn of these crimes you and your subjects commit until after this person breaks free and kills several ponies in their mentally and emotionally unstable states in self defense and you make them out as the villain. In one I can think of a human walks into Ponyville, immediately gets labeled as a monster, attacked and driven out of town by the element bearers and the rest of the town, finds a place to rest in your old castle, and gets a visit from Luna in his dreams and demands answers. He claims to be innocent and tells the truth, but Luna calls him a liar and casts a spell on him so he will have nightmares for the rest of his life. Rejected, labeled a monster, and tortured for being born different, it's no wonder he waged war against Equestria: the land of hypocrits and xenophobes who see the world in black and white." they looked at me horrified, but I couldn't tell who looked more so

Are you talking about this Story??

wait isn't esrerossa or something like that, the "captain " of the seven deadly sins?

The drive was probably an hour, maybe an hour and a half before we reached our destination. He told me he finally got around to buying an Xbox and was curious as to what he should buy, I told him without missing a beat Halo MCC, Dark Souls, Warframe, Overwatch, Paladins, and Fable Anniversary. He mostly played single player games or MMOs like WoW, Warhammer, or Neverwinter on his computer so because I was mostly an Xbox player as my brother or my dad would be on the computers or PlayStation, we didn't get to play too often. It didn't really help I was working from 3 or 5pm-12 most nights. When we arrived we went our separate ways agreeing to meet back up later. I looked around for a little bit not seeing anything of interest before going to the market stands, there were actually a few things I wanted to buy, but I only brought a few hundred with me and most of what was on sale was for a reasonable price, but I had neither the money nor the space to put them anywhere. After a while I found someone dressed up as and sounded exactly like a certain Agent of the Nine.

Halo and ow are good games

Think about it, who had a double edged voulge like weapon, there's your answer

haha this story's gonna see some fun soon. can't wait to see if ya are gonna have other displaced in here

Not exactly displaced, other SDS characters yes

Is Estarossa male or female? I can't tell.


fool not watching or reading 7 deadly sins

to bad. great story tho. i know its really hard to come up with a humbled op mc. im trying to to do the same with my own story. anyway can't to see what happens next:coolphoto:

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