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I am a starting writer and i wanted to start here so i can learn and amp up my abilities in writing.


It's been almost a thousand years since Nightmare Moon's banishment and while experimental juggernaut Sgt. Alex Ray Johnson has been trapped in stone for most of the time, as per his choice, his release to help with the mare in the moon's return could be an unexpected turn of events. While he helps get Luna accustomed to the new times, he has the opportunity to make friends and actually be welcomed into society. However, not all stories have nice tales. As a dark enemy looms on the horizon, Alex will be put to the test as he will face many dangers and even wage in a war to defend those he deems friends. Will he survive?
This is my second story and will feature many aspects and events from COD 4 MW, COD MW2 and the armored juggernaut suit that Alex is wearing from mw3. Please no flame but constructive criticism is allowed. Does include Luna X OC. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own MLP FIM or the COD franchise EXCEPT for my OC Alex. MLP FIM and COD belong to their respective owners and I have no part of their companies.

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Cool story keep it goin!

I don't like the idea of ponies using guns.

6980931 I see why you are worried but don't worry, I don't have the intention of them being used by ponies. Only by Alex himself. I am sorry and I probably should've specified about that. :twilightsheepish:

I like very much. ...I honor you good work

Gud,Gud...need more doh,keep er going.

7088140 I will try to update soon. Sorry for being inactive as I have had several family problems come up and it's been taking all of my attention. I will try my best to get it done with my current schedule though. Sorry :twilightblush:

"Ah, yes that. Well I learned from the last time you broke one of my chairs and have recently enchanted all chairs or benches within the castle to withstand the weight of even the heaviest dragon." Smiling under my helmet I nodded in her direction.

"I would like to follow you and ask a few questions. I have only read a few things about your kind and I want to learn more."

7261043 Ah yes, sorry about that lowercase I's, my computer tends to not uppercase them for some reason and I have yet to fix it. I will look into it later so I can fix it after I fix all of the lowercase I's

So to all who read i have just rewritten the ending a little so it doesn't look as bad as it did before. I will get the next chapter up soon but I am more focused on The Lost Fog currently and will be working on that for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience.
:twilightsheepish: :twilightsheepish:

Ok...I hate to sound like every pushy fan ever..but when will it update?

aaaaaaaawwwww no more but i want mmmooorrreee!!

Ah, I apoligize for my absence as I was rather occupies militarily for a few months and forgot about my account here. I will be getting the third chapter finished soon so I can keep the story going.
Thank you for commenting

Yes, I hope this updates soon, too.

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