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Luck? I don't need it, I just need everyone else's to plummet while I'm around.


The Mayan calender was right in a way. The world ended not because of war or natural causes, but because of the idiots who saw the end as a reason to start a damn Purge and it was a test by God. Not that I'm truly capable of caring anymore. Now I've been given a way out of all that, out of the Hell my life has been, and I'm not looking back.

MC doesn't know about Kingdom Hearts, references he'll make, or worlds he'll visit if I choose to go that route.

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Well, all he had to do is give Jason Hughes a call and he'll get it all back.

Umm... The short descriptions says Displaced but the long description says Mayan Calendar... you do know that those are two different types of stories right?

Its like saying all Chess game of the gods stories are Displaced

A Dick...Seriously he a major Asshole with a dick stuffed up it. Yeahs orry he suffered boo hoo, gives him the right to treat everyone like shit. i say buck himbetween the legs and send him off afterwards.

Hmmmm. I'll keep a eye on this

Mayan Calendar: Involves a human becoming any of the Kingdom heart characters.
Displaced: involves a human being changed into a character, but there is a multiverse, can meet other Displaced, there is a void, being displaced involves a merchant, a powerful being, or an object/item/etc being the cause of the displacement, and a whole lot more involved.

I like it! I glad one of the swords i pick was the final one

Umm... Mayan calendar isn't exclusive to Kingdom hearts... its just the majority of stories

Oh, thought it was KH since I kept seeing a lot of them as such.

nope its just a majority... hell they're technicality there own shitshow now as they don't even follow the lore of the orginal Mayan test story

Your ESL instructor is a disgrace to teaching.

How are you fucking everywhere? Seriously I see you in the comments of the majority of the stories I have read/looked at.

*Oh, go fuck yourself.
Truth hurts, but you're welcome, kid.
While I do avoid the malignant cancer in the Featured Box, I read what pops up in the New and Updated sections.

*Nope, it's the majority. Hell, they're technically their own shitshow now because they don't adhere to the lore of the the original Mayan Test(?) story.
See, this isn't too hard. While I understand the their/there/they're thing is difficult to people new to this lingua Americànò, the punctuation is always tougher for those not used to...writing things out.

I'm Canadian. You racist fuck

I can vouch for that. Chaos Nightmare is Canadian. We've spoken over the internet and such. Plus his Steam ID is set to Canada and who lies about that kind of stuff?

I love how the Comment section just became an argument rants. Anyway. Liked the story, hope the main character improves his personality. I can see Fluttershy reaching him, she would be the best mother figure, maybe AJ also but that's your decision. Welcome to the group! :scootangel:

You're obviously Canadian. Who else brings up racism in a tiff about elementary level grammar? By the way, statements end with a period or exclamation mark.
*I'm Canadian. You racist (:raritydespair:) fuck.
You're welcome.

You'd be surprised. Making up one's nationality isn't exactly far-fetched. Hell, there's people here who've made separate accounts as their "girlfriend" and didn't even bother to hide their linguistic tendencies.


Yeah I wasn't paying too much attention when I put displaced in the short description, it was late and I had a long day so now that it's been officially brought to my attention I'll fix that now
At least he tries to play nice, otherwise he just wants to be alone
Thank you. Think most of those dislikes are by people who either don't like KH (why would they be here), the MC is too much of an asshole, or trolls. Another rocky start from the looks of it and I can't honestly tell if it's a fault of mine this time.

Also, I already planned Flutters or one of the sisters as the mom or mother figure, I'm still deciding who the romantic interest should be considering how fucked up Cassiel is right now. I'm thinking I might do a time skip later to open up more possibilities, but I'm still deciding on that.

Awesome chapter, you are doing a amazing job, I can't wait to read the next one.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I find this story interesting, especially since it looks to be one of the few good ones not connected to that multiverse thing about some dude named Core or whatever.
Keep it up.

*Salutes as a tear roles down cheek.*

Hmmm. I'll keep reading.

Hmmmm. This is nice.

"So what have you learned in general about this lesson?" She asked, but no one answered so she selected me "Would you share please?"
"Envy is an ugly thing, there are reasons it is among the deadly sins. Light is just as cruel and unforgiving as the Dark for both are willing to sacrifice anyone and anything for even the most trivial, insignificant of things. All hearts are susceptible to corruption. 'You must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, and lose in order to gain because life's greatest lessons are learned through pain'. 'Love breeds sacrifice which in turn breeds Hatred'. Finally, the hero of one story will always be the villain of another."

an interesting view on the subject. some of it true, like how being a hero to one group sometimes means that others will view them as a Villain.

Im not gonna say putting him in the school system was a bad thing, but it felt like the character accepted that too easily. I mean, he fought so hard to just leave and be alone yet he just lets himself be put in school without any fight at all?

In the end it's your story, so if you want him in school, go for it. I just think the lack of any fight was... wierd.

Sees it as a small price to pay to keep everyone else off his back

Fuck yeah! Stick it to Diamond Tiara! Love you Cassiel

Ok, this is going to be a fun story!

I say. Meet Raven and accept the offer.

Anything specifically making you say that?

The dialogue between Cass and Celestia. It hit her home hard.

That's not Celestia. I said white alicorn with a red mane.

Oh. Well still. Hit her hard with his words.

I didn't want to hold back on his rant.


Cassiel or Faust?

Just asking for fun.

No one, Light and Dark it doesn't matter at the end they all die.

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