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Support Ninyn · 5:01am Nov 25th, 2015

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Hey everyone, I recently been reading a series done by a really good writer named Ninyn, and I noticed that other than me, there are next to no comments by other readers, so check out Ninyn's stories, give him some support, he'll really appreciate it:twilightsmile:

Until then,
Halo40KInquisitor out
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Greetings fimfiction! my name is Angelic Blades Sebaste and i'm new here, though I've been reading on here before i joined the site. i only join those who have captured my interest but I'm not above assisting others who are in need
and to those who follow me, welcome to the crew!
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Grand Inquisitor Sebaste
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Yes, but I did wind up taking most of those stories down, sort of a "Clean Slate Protocol" if you will. Those stories were rushed, and often uninspired. I just don't look back on them as fondly as I used to.

*holds a finger up*
Hang on, if I remember correctly, didn't you have other Godzilla fics under a different name?

Bro, so glad to see my story piqued your interest, Man! It's good to hear from you again and it made me giddy to see a comment from you after all this time

Thanks for adding my story to your bookshelves!

Thank you so much for adding Beyond the Veil to your library. I hope I can continue to bring you more as the story (and hopefully a growing series) grows into something special. :ajsmug:

  • Viewing 273 - 277 of 277
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