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I feel the Warp giving me the strength to write again! I am ready to breathe life into stories once again!

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Piraka Don’t Play Fair question · 4:34am Dec 31st, 2020

So I mentioned in a comment on I believe my Emperor was in Equestria story, but I am currently planning on resuming work on My Bionicle displaced, Piraka Don’t Play Fair, as a side project to writing my current focus. However, I have run into an issue, and wish to learn what my readers would want.

Currently, I am finding it... difficult, to write the story in what I would consider its original tone: somewhat humorous, not exactly serious.

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Her name is Laevateinn (or Amane) and she’s from the now defunct mobile game “Phantom of The Kill”.

Who is the woman in your avatar, and where is she from?

Please do not promote stories in my comment section. I shall delete it. Just because I’m about as active as a potato doesn’t mean you can tell people to go read other people’s Stuff here. Have a nice day.

Comment posted by Aramisxx deleted Jul 9th, 2018
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